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Kamnik (Stein in Oberkrain) is the name of a municipality in Slovenia as well as the town that serves as its administrative, cultural, economic, and educational center. The municipality is in north central Slovenia. It encompasses a large part of the Kamnik Alps and the surrounding area. The town of Kamnik has ruins of two castles as well as many examples of historical architecture.


The name Kamnik was first mentioned in the 11th century. The first time it was mentioned as a town was in 1229, when it was an important trading post on the road between Ljubljana and Celje. This makes the town one of the oldest in Slovenia. In the Middle Ages, Kamnik had its own mint and some aristocratic families among its residents. The town was among the most influential centers of power for the Bavarian counts of Andechs in the region of Carniola at the time. The only remnant of the Bavarian nobility are the two ruined castles which are both strategically built on high ground near the town center. The Franciscan monastery built in the town itself is a testament to its importance. The building is well preserved and has undergone extensive renovation in recent years. Zaprice Castle, which stands outside the town, was built in a later period.

Most of the old town center is built in an Austro-Hungarian style. Most of the facades have been renovated in recent years but the process is still ongoing.


Villages and towns in the municipality of Kamnik

Famous natives


Notable tourist attractions in Kamnik:

*The Church of the Our Lady
*The Church of St. Primus
*The spa in Tunjice
*The Volčji Potok Arboretum, a permanent exhibition of about 3,000 species of flowers, trees, and other flora
*The Snovik Spa
*The unique architectural tradition of the Velika Planina plateau
*The Kamniška Bistrica Valley

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