Cascavel is a city and municipality in western Paraná state, Brazil. The population is 284,083 inhabitants.

The city is on a plateau 781 meters above sea level. It is 504 km west of the state capital of Curitiba and 605 km west of the sea port of Paranaguá, 140 km from the 3 borders (Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil) at 24° 58' South, 53° 26' West.


Settlement in the area started in March 1928 when José Silvério de Oliveira known as Nhô Jeca, leased the land from José Elias. Many colonists started settling from the south of Brazil when the cycle of erva mate ended, dedicating themselves to the logging and swine breeding. The name of the city means rattlesnake in Portuguese. The legend tells that a group of settlers camped one night in the region and they were woken by the sound of a rattle. Afterwards they realized they set up the camp next to a rattlesnake.


Cascavel is a very humid city in the Temperate zone with an annual average temperature of 21°C (70°F), a maximum of 28° (85°F) and a minimum between 13°C (55°F) and 15°C (59°F).

More information about Cascavel's weather in Simepar


Cascavel is responsible for 26% of the total production of cereals in the state of Paraná. The main crops are soybeans, wheat, corn, rice, cotton, and beans. It is also a big producer of poultry, swine, and beef cattle.

Participation in the municipal GDP: Livestock raising: 5,95% Industry: 16,63% Services: 77,42%

The main industries are food processing, chemicals, metallurgy, and beverages.

Medical Technology

Cascavel has one of the most advanced medical centers of the state, especially in videosurgery. Both Genisis and Salete Hospitals have centers for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Videosurgery that works with multiple departments. The Centers offer a wide range of general surgical procedures, including videoesophagogastric fundoplasty, videolaparoscopic cholecystectomy, videolaparoscopic colon resection, videosurgical applications in any gynecology problems, obesity management, and treatment of trauma. The Instituto da Visão is nationally known in Ophthalmology and is devoted specifically to eye care. This eyecare center is a mark of excellence in Cataracts surgery, Diabetic retinopathy, Vitreous and Retinal destachment, Glaucoma and damaged Cornea.


Cascavel is also a very important college center.

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