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Thank You Very Little

Thank You Very Little is a compilation by Screeching Weasel. It contains b-sides, rarities, and a live show. The title was taken from a line in the movie Caddyshack. Most of the second disc is taken from a show in Philadelphia from the bands 1993 tour.

Track listing

  • All songs written by Ben Weasel except where noted.

Disc 1

  1. "I Hate Old Folks"
  2. "Nothing Matters"
  3. "Crawl"
  4. "Someday"
  5. "I Need Therapy"
  6. "Slogans"
  7. "I Wanna Be a Homosexual" (Ben Weasel/Dan Vapid/John Jughead)
  8. "Crying in My Beer"
  9. "Jeannie's Got a Problem With Her Uterus"
  10. "Shirley's on Methadone"
  11. "Amy Saw Me Looking at Her Boobs" (Ben Weasel/Joe King)
  12. "27 Things I Wanna Do to You"
  13. "Every Night"
  14. "Totally"
  15. "Nightbreed"
  16. "Suzanne Is Getting Married"
  17. "Waiting for Susie" (Ben Weasel/Dan Vapid)
  18. "Lose the Dink"
  19. "Stuck Out Here"
  20. "Suspect Device" (Jake Burns/Gordon Ogilvie)
  21. "Fuck You" (Gerry Hannah)
  22. "The Prisoner" (Joe Keithley/C. Keighly)
  23. "Can't Take It"
  24. "My Own World"
  25. "Tightrope"
  26. "Dirt" (James Osterberg/Ron Asheton/Dave Alexander/Scott Asheton)
  27. "You Are My Sunshine" (Jimmie Davis/Charles Mitchell
  28. "Anchor" (Masafumi Isobe/Kudo Tetsuya/Hiramoto Leona/Ben Weasel)

Disc 2

  1. "I Love Beer"
  2. "Around on You" (Ben Weasel/Dan Vapid)
  3. "Squeaky Clean" (Ben Weasel/Dan Vapid)
  4. "Electroshock Therapy"
  5. "You're the Enemy"
  6. "Intro"
  7. "Slogans"
  8. "Cindy's on Methadone"
  9. "Teenage Freakshow"
  10. "Veronica Hates Me" (Ben Weasel/Dan Vapid)
  11. "I Was a High School Psychopath" (Ben Weasel/Dan Vapid)
  12. "I Can See Clearly" (Johnny Nash)
  13. "Joanie Loves Johnny" (Ben Weasel/Dan Vapid/John Jughead/Johnny Personality/Dan Panic)
  14. "Automatic Rejector"
  15. "Supermarket Fantasy"
  16. "Science of Myth"
  17. "I'm Gonna Strangle You"
  18. "Hey Suburbia" (Ben Weasel/John Jughead)
  19. "Totally"
  20. "Inside Out"
  21. "Goodbye to You" (Ben Weasel/Dan Vapid)
  22. "Guest List" (Ben Weasel/Dan Vapid)
  23. "Eine Kleine Scheissemusic" (Ben Weasel/Dan Vapid)


Disc 1

Disc 2

  • Ben Weasel- Vocals, guitar on tracks 2-22, piano on track 23
  • John Jughead- Guitar on tracks 1-23
  • Doug Ward- Guitar on track 1
  • Dan Vapid- Bass on tracks 1-22, piano on track 23
  • Steve Cheese- Drums on track 1
  • Dan Panic- Drums Drums on tracks 2-22
  • Track 1 and 23 from 1989 live performance
  • Tracks 2-4 from 1993 band rehearsal
  • Tracks 5-22 from March 20th, 1993 live performance

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