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Defunct US Defense Company

Veridian was the name of a publicly traded company operating primarily in the defense industry. Veridian was formed in 1997 from the merger of Washington-based Calspan SRL Corporation and Veda International, an Alexandria, Virginia, firm. Veridian acquired Pacific Sierra Research in 1998. In 1999 Veridian acquired ERIM International, a for-profit spin-off of the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan, MRJ Technology Solutions and Trident Data Systems. General Dynamics acquired Veridian in 2003. It was formerly listed on the NYSE with ticker VNX. Some components of the former Veridian were spun off and sold to Wyle Laboratories in 2004.

Veridian first developed the 'Nautilus Horizon' Virtual Mission Operations Center software used by General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems as part of testing the CLEO Cisco router in Low Earth Orbit.

Canadian Energy Company

1999 - Ont. CAN - In the belief that a larger company would be better positioned to meet the challenges of a deregulated electricity market, the southern Ontario municipalities of Ajax, Clarington and Pickering created VERIDIAN in July 1999 through the merger of their respective electricity utilities. The new company became operational on November 1, 1999. VERIDIAN has since expanded through the acquisitions of Uxbridge Hydro, Port Hope Hydro, Brock Hydro, Scugog Hydro Energy Corporation, Gravenhurst Hydro Electric Inc. and a merger with Belleville Utilities.

VERIDIAN serves customers through two subsidiaries:

1. VERIDIAN CONNECTIONS operates the electricity distribution system to supply electricity to its (approx.) 104,000 customers.

2. VERIDIAN ENERGY provides business-to-business services to Ontario's energy and telecommunications marketplace.

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Veridian inSight, LLC is a small, woman-owned company that provides research and information design consulting.

Veridian is also used as the name of a song by * Dane and the Death Machine

Veridian Credit Union is the largest credit union in Iowa.

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