Ulf Sandström (pianist)

Ulf Gustaf Sandström (born 18 August 1964) is the foremost representative in Sweden of piano playing and composing in the traditions of boogie-woogie, with a lot of New Orleans flavour. He was born in Colombia to Swedish parents, and has subsequently traveled and lived in a large number of countries. He was taught piano at four in Hungary by the methods of Zoltán Kodály, which focus on learning by ear. His main influence and mentor in music is Clarence "Frogman" Henry from New Orleans. Notably, his live performances are often riddled with surrealistic verbality on the verge of stand-up comedy. His main group is a constantly touring quartet (jump4joy), with over 3000 concerts internationally since 1992. The group has toured since 1992, backing artists like "Frogman" Henry, Albert King, The Drifters, Tommy Ridgley and James Wheeler. Six albums have been released on Last Buzz Records.

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