Verba is a Polish band from Piła formed in 1997. It originated of hip-hop group Squad Centralny. At first Bartek and Ignacy represented different music styles (techno, house, elektro and jungle). At some moment they fascinated hip-hop, so they composed hip-hop music (with pop elements). Bartek busied main music production. The lirycs was writing at first Ignacy, afterwards both. Pop music however become slowly a prevailing characteristic theirs compositions and hip-hop 'demoted' to element name.

The band was well-know as support in front of Polish rap arists: Ascetoholix, Jeden Osiem L, Mezo, Owal i 52 Dębiec yet some years ago. The first legal album 'Ósmy marca' (they also have 3 'illegal' CDs 'at account' ) caused popularity to the band. At present this famous duo recorded 6 albums (4 regular and ) and 9 video clips. They also collect a lot of awards.



First hip-hop formation, which later formed Verba. It begined in 1997. The band compacted 3 people: Ignacy Ereński, Wiktor and Witek. It transformed soon after at group Mechanizm.


Successor of BRAx2. The band compacted 6 people: Ignacy Ereński, Tylas, Wiktor, Witek, Biker and Rynias. It busied production hip-hop music. Gathered material was recorded at 2 'demos'. After short time it rdisintegrated. But members didn't stop activity and soon cerated new hip-hop group Squad Centralny.

Squad Centralny

Successor of Mechanizm. The band compacted 3 people: Ignacy Ereński, Tylas and Bartłomiej Kielar (record producer). They recorded 'illegal' CD 'Squad Centralny. Pierwsze natarcie' (Squad Centralny. 1st attack). After currentness album among Piła's listeners to group joined Wiktor. Then arose 'Drugie Natarcie Squadu Centralnego' (2nd attack of Squad Centralny). It also planned publication 'Trzecie Natarcie Squadu Centralnego' (3rd attack of Squad Centralny).

After desertion the group by Tylas and Wiktor (who's busied production 'Gangland' ), it changed name to VerbaFreniX and produced 2 video clips" ' Chora miłość (Crazy {or ill} love) and Wiem jak to jest (RMX)' (I know how it is (Remix)). At finish the duo admitted name Verba and slowly begin producing pop music.


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