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Vent may refer to:

  • Volcano, an opening in the Earth's surface which allows molten rock, ash and gases to escape
    • Deep sea vent, or "black smoker", a type of hydrothermal vent found on the ocean floor
  • Plumbing drainage venting, pipes leading from fixtures to the outdoors, usually via the roof
  • Flue, a duct, pipe, or chimney for conveying exhaust gases; see also Chimney
  • Duct (HVAC), used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to deliver and remove air
  • Vent (radio series), a dark comedy series produced for BBC Radio 4 in 2006
  • An outlet of a biological ventilation system that allows the exchange of air; see gas exchange
  • An external opening of a urinary or genital system in lower vertebrates (e.g; salamanders and sharks)
  • Vent, Austria, a village in the Ötztal Alps
  • Ventrilo, an Internet VoIP chat system service
  • A narrow slot in a vending machine or slot machine through which to introduce money, coins, or tokens.
  • The various attacks used by characters in Kamen Rider Ryuki are known as "Vents" (such as "Kick Vent", "Sword Vent", etc).
  • An expression of anger or frustration.
  • Vent (Mega Man), a character in the Mega Man ZX video game series.
  • Vent (tailoring), a slit up the back of a jacket or coat

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