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Vater is an American drumstick and percussion accesssory manufacturing company. It was founded by Clarence Vater, and is currently run by his two grandsons Alan and Ron Vater. Although the company began producing sticks in 1956, it did not officially become Vater Percussion until much later. The first sticks made by a Vater were made by Joan (Adams) Vater, in Jacks drumshop in Boston, MA. Jacks was one of the first shops to offer custom models, and began producing custom models for Buddy Rich. In the early to mid 1980's what would become Vater began manufacturing drumsticks for Vic-Firth percussion and Zildjian Cymbals. On 10-22-1988 Vater moved their factory to Holbrook, MA. Three years later the first Vater drumsticks were introduced at a Percussive Arts Society show.

Vater guarantees their sticks to be "straighter, more consistent and of higher quality than all other leading drumstick manufacturers." Vater sticks typically have a slightly higher moisture content than other drumsticks, which is intended to create more durable drumsticks, though this does result in a slightly heavier stick.

Besides drum sticks, Vater also manufactures a variety of timpani mallets, marimba mallets, vibraphone mallets, brushes, specialty sticks, silence mutes, stick bags, drink holders and other accessories.

Vater does not pay any of their artists to endorse their sticks.

Vater offers the basic sizes of sticks; 7A, 5A, 5B, 2B, 8A, 1A, and Rock. They also offer other sizes such as:

  • 1A L=17" D=.590"
  • Power 5B L=16.5" D=.610"
  • Universal L=16 1/4" D=.595"
  • Hammer L=16" D=.570"
  • New Orleans Jazz L=16" D=.555"

They also manufacture a range of "Player's Design" sticks including:

  • David Silveria's DSK L=17" D=.590"
  • David Silveria's DSK Tour L=16" D=.590"
  • Morgan Rose's Alien Freak L=16" D=.610"
  • Morgan Rose's Whiplash L=16 1/4" D=.650"
  • John Blackwell’s Jia Angel L=16 1/8" D=.570"
  • The Stewart Copeland Standard L=16" D=.555"
  • Chad Smith's Funk Blaster L=16" D=.605"
  • Virgil Donati's Assault L=16 3/8" D=.625"
  • Ben Gillies Heartbeater L=16 1/8" D=.580"
  • Smitty Smith's Power Fusion L=16 1/4" D=.600"

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Vater are also very well known for "Special Effects" sticks, such as sticks wrapped in light sensitive colored foil paint.

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