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Vardon, Harry, 1870-1939, British golfer, b. Jersey. A former caddie, he became at 20 a professional golfer. He won six British Open championships (1896, 1898, 1899, 1903, 1911, and 1914). Vardon, rated by many as second only to Bobby Jones, was known for his accurate drives and for his introduction of the overlapping grip on the golf club. He toured the United States several times and in 1900 won the U.S. Open. He won over 60 important golf tournaments before retiring in 1934. He wrote The Complete Golfer (1913). A trophy named for him is awarded each year to the American or British professional with the lowest scoring average.

See his autobiography (1933).

Vardon (ורדון) is a communal village in south-central Israel north of Kiryat Gat and south of Kiryat Malakhi. It belongs to the Yoav Regional Council.

It was founded in 1960 as a youth center and became a communal village in 1998. It is found at the central intersection between three large moshavim: Menuha, Nahala and Sgula.

The name of the community is a loose translation for the family of Julius Rosenfeld who was a Jewish donor from the United States. ("Vardon" is derived from vered, which means "rose", hence Rosenfeld. A similar motive can be found in the name for Kfar Etzion and Gush Etzion.)


As of 2007, Vardon has 69 families, who are about 280 residents. The population is diverse, with both secular and religious Jews, both native-born and immigrants from abroad.


Vardon, being a small community, has no schools, so it relies on schools of the Yoav Regional Council and the surrounding communities. The residents may go to either secular or religious schools. The elementary schools are "Sdot Yoav" in kibbutz Gat and "Yad Hazon" in Be'er Tuvia. High schools are "Tzafit" in Kfar Menahem and "Gruss" in Kiryat Gat.


In Vardon there is a youth center, a sports field, public gardens, playgrounds, and a regional infirmary.

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