Miss Hawaii USA

The Miss Hawaii USA competition is the pageant that selects the representative for the state of Hawaii in the Miss USA pageant.

Hawaii is the most recent state to start competing at Miss USA, as they first competed in 1962. Prior to this delegates were sent to Miss Universe. Despite their late start, they have been one of the most successful states. There have been four Miss USA's from Hawaii (Hawaii is only one of two states to have had four Miss USA's). Their first winner (Macel Wilson came the first year they competed. In 1997, Brook Mahealani Lee won the Miss USA title, and became one of only seven women from the United States to win Miss Universe. Although they have had many Miss USA winners and many semi-finalists, relatively few women from Hawaii have placed as runners-up.

Two titleholders previously competed at Miss Teen USA, one has competed at Miss World and one at Miss International. Kelly Hu, Miss Teen USA 1985, became the first Teen USA winner to win a Miss title, in 1993. In a rare occurrence, Miss Hawaii USA 2003 and 2004 are sisters.

Many Miss Hawaii USAs competed at a number of international pageants. Similar to the Miss South Carolina winners, there was one Miss Hawaii USA that competed at Miss International. Another one competed at Miss World. Four of the winners competed at Miss Universe, after winning Miss USA. Although all of the six titleholders represented the US or Hawaii at their international pageants, only one won the international crown. She is Miss Hawaii USA 1997, Brook Lee who won the Miss USA 1997 title and also won the Miss Universe 1997 crown.

The franchise is currently held by 2Couture of Honolulu.

Results summary


  • Miss USA: Brook Mahealani Lee (1997 - Miss Universe), Judi Andersen (1978 - Miss USA, 1st runner-up at Miss Universe), Tanya Wilson (1972 - Miss USA, Semi-finalist at Miss Universe), Macel Wilson (1962 - Miss USA, Semi-finalist at Miss Universe)
  • Second runners-up: Blanche Maa (1979)
  • Fourth runners-up: Teri Lynn (1981)
  • Top 6: Kelly Hu (1993)
  • Top 10: Tina Marie Machado (1985), Alicia Michioka (2003), Chanel Wise (2007)
  • Top 12: Lois Wise (1975), Cely De Castro (1977), Vanessa Dubois (1982), Kym Digman (1991), Nadine Tanega (1994)
  • Top 15: Judith Wolski (1966), Carol Seymour (1968), Stephanie Quintana (1969), Elith Aguiar (1965)



Year Name Hometown Age1 Placement at Miss USA Special awards at Miss USA Notes
2008 Jonelle Layfield Kaneohe 23 Sister of Miss Hawaii 2007
2007 Chanel Wise Honolulu 21 Finalist
2006 Radasha Ho'ohuli Nanakuli 26 Represented Hawaii at Miss World 2001
2005 Jennifer Fairbank Honolulu 25
2004 Justine Michioka Kapaa 22
2003 Alicia Michioka Kapaa 24 Semi-finalist
2002 Juliet Lighter Honolulu 26
2001 Christy Leonard Lahaina 22
2000 Michelle Kaplan Kona 23 Miss Congeniality
1999 Trini-Ann Kaopuiki Previously Miss Hawaii Teen USA 1991
1998 Tiffini Hercules
1997 Leslie-Ann Lum Took over Miss Hawaii USA 1997 title when Brook Lee was crowned Miss USA 1997. Previously Miss Hawaii Teen USA 1987
Brook Mahealani Lee Pearl City 26 Winner Miss Universe 1997
1996 Ku'ualoha Taylor 25 Miss Congeniality
1995 Lynn Vesnefski Style award
1994 Nadine Tanega Semi-finalist Represented Hawaii at the Miss International 1990, was 2nd runner up at this pageant, 3rd runner up at Miss World USA 1992
1993 Kelly Hu Honolulu Finalist Miss Photogenic Previously Miss Hawaii Teen USA 1985 and Miss Teen USA 1985, actress
1992 Heather Hays Honolulu
1991 Kym Digman Semi-finalist
1990 Leimomi Bacalso
1989 Julie Larson
1988 Paula Prevost
1987 Deborah Laslo Honolulu
1986 Toni Costa Honolulu
1985 Tina Machado Semi-finalist
1984 Puna Stillman Honolulu
1983 Zoe Roach Honolulu
1982 Vanessa Dubois Honolulu Semi-finalist
1981 Teri Lynn Honolulu 4th runner-up
1980 Carol Ching
1979 Blanche Maa 2nd runner-up
1978 Judi Andersen Honolulu 20 Winner 1st runner-up at Miss Universe 1978
1977 Cely De Castro Semi-finalist
1976 Brenda Texeira Hilo
1975 Lois Wise Honolulu Semi-finalist
1974 Joan Ottensmeyer Kaneohe
1973 Camille Deubel Honolulu
1972 Tanya Wilson Honolulu 21 Winner Semi-finalist at Miss Universe 1972
1971 Deborah Gibson
1970 Donna Hartley
1969 Stephanie Quintana Honolulu Semi-finalist
1968 Carol Seymour Semi-finalist
1967 Nancy Banks
1966 Judith Wolski Semi-finalist
1965 Elithe Aguiar Kauai Semi-finalist
1964 Wanda Byrd
1963 Susan Molina semifinalist in Miss World USA 1963
1962 Macel Wilson Honolulu 18 Winner Semi-finalist at Miss Universe 1962
1961 Did Not Compete
1960 Gordean Lee withdrew
1952–1959 Hawaii participated at Miss Universe
1 Age at the time of the Miss USA pageant

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