Uruguaiana is a municipality in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. It is located on the left-hand (eastern) shore of the Uruguay River that forms the border with Argentina. Opposite Uruguaiana, and joined to it by a road/railway bridge, lies the Argentine city of Paso de los Libres, Corrientes. North of Uruguaiana lies the Brazilian town of Itaqui, connected by a bridge constructed by the English in 1888 over the Ibicuí River. The city marks the southernmost point reached by the Paraguayans in the War of the Triple Alliance; after being taken without resistance, it was recaptured after a six-week siege that effectively ended the phase of Paraguayan offensive operations.


First Oil Refinery in Brazil

The city prides itself on being a pioneer in oil refining in Brazil, therefore, in 1932, was built the Riograndense Oil Refinery, idealized and formed by local traders, boosted Uruguayana to international notoriety because of economic importance, military and social that the refinery was at the time.

The refinery has become the cradle of the current Ipiranga Group, which is spread by almost all Brazilian cities, especially those of South and Southeast regions of Brazil.

International bridge

Later, on May 21, 1947, was inaugurated by the presidents Eurico Gaspar Dutra of Brazil and Juan Domingo Peron, Argentina, the International Bridge rodoferroviária Getúlio Vargas / Agustín P. Just on the Uruguay River, linking the Uruguayana city of Argentina Paso de los Libres, with help at the Brazilian, the military and civilians. At the time of its construction, was the greatest work of engineering of Latin America.

Since 1987 there is a high-voltage direct current (HVDC) back-to-back station for power exchange with Uruguay at Uruguaiana. This facility, which was built by Toshiba, can transfer a maximum power of 53.9 megawatts. The applied DC voltage is 17.9 kV.

It is the seat of the Diocese of Uruguayana.



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