Upernavik, town (1996 pop. 1,131), Upernavik dist., W Greenland, on a small island in Baffin Bay. It is an important sealing and whaling base.

Upernavik, meaning "Springtime Place", is a small town on the west coast of Greenland. Approximately 3,000 people live in Upernavik Municipality; 1,144 live in the town of Upernavik, and the remainder live in ten settlements in the municipality, including Kullorsuaq, with a population of about 400. Air Greenland operates air services to Upernavik.

In 1824, the Kingigtorssuaq Runestone was found outside Upernavik. It bears runic characters left by Vikings, probably from the late 13th century. The runic characters list the names of three Vikings, and mention the construction of a rock cairn nearby. This is the furthest north that any Viking artifacts have been found, other than those small artifacts that could have been carried north by Inuit traders, and marks the northern known limit of Viking exploration.

Settlements in Upernavik Municipality


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