Raise Up

"Raise Up" is the debut single from the debut album Diary of a Sinner: 1st Entry by North Carolina rapper Petey Pablo.

The song peaked at #25 in the US charts. The premise of the song is simple, Pablo represents his native North Carolina, tells his people to "take your shirt off, twist it 'round your hand, spin it like a helicopter."


On the album, There is a remix called of the song "Raise Up [All Cities remix]" which is like the same as the original, starting off with North Carolina, except that he shouts out other cities, states or regions in this order: South Carolina, Atlanta, Virginia, New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, St. Louis, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas and San Francisco Bay Area.

There was also a version called the "USA Flag Remix that was released soon after September 11th. The chorus, "U-S-A...come on and raise up. Take the flag, put it in the air, spin it like a helicopter" and includes the lyrics, "You remember those days, y'all, when the teacher taught us about World War I and World War II, now's the time for us to - REP OUR COUNTRY! Wave the flag strong; and could someone tell Mr. Bin Laden he got a lot of people lookin' for him."


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