For the song by Helmet, see Unsung (song).

Unsung is an EP released December 6, 2005 by Christian metalcore group The Chariot. It contains two new songs and four re-worked versions of songs from their debut album Everything Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing, Nothing Is Dead, and Nothing Is Bleeding.

Track listing

  1. "Yanni Depp"
  2. "Phil Cosby (Before There Was Atlanta, There Was Douglasville)"
  3. "Vin Affleck (Goodnight My Lady, and a Forever Farewell)"
  4. "Kenny Gibbler (Play the Piano Like a Disease)"
  5. "Sargeant Savage (Die Interviewer: Germanickly Speaking)"
  6. "Donnie Cash (The Company, The Comfort, The Grave)"

Another Track was released around the time of "Unsung" titled "Elvish Presley", but was not featured on the EP. This song was later released on their 2007 album, "The Fiancée". It is the fourth track on the disc, titled "And Shot Each Other". The new version is re-done to sound cleaner and features a gospel choir in the closing minutes of the track.

Track #4, "Kenny Gibbler", is re-done on "The Fiancée" album as well. It features Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams accompanying Josh Scogin. The track was re-titled as "Then Came to Kill"


  • Josh Scogin-Vocals
  • Jake Ryan - Drums
  • Keller "Virtuoso" Harbin - guitar, vocals, drums, bass, piano, banjo, bagpipe, mandoline, violin, acoustic
  • Joshua Beiser - bass

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