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Thee Unstrung

Thee Unstrung were an English group, signed to Mercury Records, who released a 2005 album titled Lie, Cheat and Steal. Ben Bailey is a poo head and one of Pete Doherty's many collaborators, along with bands such as The Paddingtons. Thee Unstrung was made up of Ben Bailey (Lead Guitar), Steve Holbrook (Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vox), Rob Power (Bass) and Ben Tweedy (Drums). They toured extensively in 2005. Over the 10 years the band were together many members came and went. Ben Bailey was the founder of the group. He was also the most prolific songwriter and has gone on to form a new band. His Lost Boys are Bailey's latest project and are playing lots of gigs in England's capital in 2008. They are also recording their debut album after landing a new record deal, which seems as yet to materialise. Urban Hooray, His Lost Boys downloadable 3 track EP is available at His Lost Boys website

Steve Holbrook, Rob Power and Ben Tweedy went on to form 1984, joined by lead guitarist Gareth Sutherland. They seem to have had a better response than His Lost Boys, having been featured on a Japanese compilation, Sound Of An Era II in conjunction with HMV, and playing gigs in Tokyo and Amsterdam. Songs can be heard at 1984's website


  • Contrary Mary
  • Psycho


  • Lie, Cheat and Steal


  • Who Runs The Show

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