Unspecified claim

An unspecified claim is a tort claim "where the amount to be awarded is left to the Court to determine."

Examples of unspecified claims are unspecified damages for personal injuries, such as from a motor vehicle accident (MVA) or medical malpractice.

Unspecified claim was previously known in the common law, especially in Britain and Pakistan, as an unliquidated claim.

In British tax law, an unspecified claim is also any unspecified tax liability.

Under New York civil practice, "stating a specific sum in (a) personal injury complaint" is normally barred. Technically, it is not strictly prohibited, but it prevents adding additional damages to jury instructions. However, under a recent New York Court of Appeals case, stating a specific sum is mandatory in Court of claims practice, so an unspecificed claim "can lead to the loss of the claimant's whole case.


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