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Unscrew America is a non-profit organization that debuted on February 15, 2008 with TV, print advertising and an interactive Flash Animation web site,, designed by Boom Design Group. Unscrew America aims to inform the public about the energy-saving qualities of Light-Emitting Diode LEDs or CFLs. The initiative is aimed at a younger demographic group than other green initiatives. "Small changes can make a huge difference." And "even though it's a dark and scary future and we probably only have about eight years left to really turn things around, you can't just lay that on a kid's conscience, because they're going to feel helpless and it's not effective....But, if you combine that sense of danger with the fact that there are easy things we can do to help, the result is that people feel motivated."(National Post[] article, interviewing co- founder Lesley Chilcott)

Unscrew America was founded by Californian Lesley Chilcott, a producer of the Oscar-winning documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," and Roy Spence, principle at Austin, Texas based advertising agency GSD&M Idea City.

Unscrew America has been cited for its darkly humorous print ads and commercials, one TV spot features Paul Reubens , for example.

Currently Unscrew America is partnered with the city of Austin and its mayor Will Wynn, to create an LED test city for energy-efficient lighting and sustainable living.


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