Unplugged...and Seated

Unplugged...and Seated is a live album released by Rod Stewart on May 24, 1993 (see 1993 in music). It is Rod’s second live album and his first (and only) appearance on MTV Unplugged. The album was released by Warner Bros. Records (WEA 9362-45289-1/2). The unplugged versions of “Have I Told You Lately” by Van Morrison, “Reason to Believe”, “Having a Party”, and “People Get Ready” were released as singles. "Have I Told You Lately" and "Having a Party" reached success as singles.

Album Information

The album was recorded on February 5, 1993 at Universal Studios, Los Angeles, CA as part of MTV’s unplugged series. The event aired on television May 5 of the same year. Unplugged finds Rod reunited, for the first time in nearly twenty years, with Ron Wood, a fellow Faces band member. Rod performs some of the classics from his repertoire such as, “Tonight's the Night” and “Maggie May”, but also adds some new material such as “Having a Party” and “Highgate Shuffle”. The album title comes from a small joke Rod made during the taping. Six songs that were taped were not included on the subsequent album release.


The album did very well in both the US and UK. It reached #2 in both markets and by 1994 was platinum in the UK. On November 13, 1995 it was certified triple platinum in the US.
Year Song Rank
1993 Reason to Believe 51(UK) 19(US) 79(GER)
1993 People Get Ready 45 (UK)
1993 Having a Party 23 (US)
1993 Have I Told You Lately 5(UK) 5(US) 59(GER)

Track listing

CD release

  1. Hot Legs” (Rod Stewart, Gary Grainger) – 4:25
  2. “Tonight's the Night” (Stewart) – 4:04
  3. Handbags and Gladrags” (Mike d'Abo) – 4:25
  4. “Cut across Shorty” (Wayne Walker, Marijohn Wilkin) – 4:58
  5. “Every Picture Tells A Story” (Stewart, Ron Wood) – 4:45
  6. “Maggie May” (Stewart, Martin Quittenton) – 5:45
    • (studio version previously released on Every Picture Tells a Story)
  7. “Reason to Believe” (Tim Hardin) – 4:07
    • (studio version previously released on Every Picture Tells a Story)
  8. “People Get Ready” (Curtis Mayfield) – 4:59
    • (studio version previously released as a single with Jeff Beck)
  9. Have I Told You Lately” (Van Morrison) – 4:08
  10. Tom Traubert's Blues (Waltzing Matilda)” (Tom Waits) – 4:40
  11. The First Cut Is the Deepest” (Cat Stevens) – 4:12
  12. “Mandolin Wind” (Stewart) – 5:23
    • (studio version previously released on Every Picture Tells a Story)
  13. “Highgate Shuffle” (arrangement by Stewart) – 3:54
    • (previously unreleased)
  14. “Stay with Me” (Stewart, Wood) – 5:27
  15. “Having A Party” (Sam Cooke) – 4:44
    • (previously unreleased)

Live Performance

  1. “Hot Legs”
  2. “Tonight's the Night”
  3. It's All Over Now” (Bobby Womack, Shirley Womack)
    • (studio version previously released on Gasoline Alley)
  4. “Reason to Believe”
  5. “Cut Across Shorty”
  6. “Highgate Shuffle”
  7. “Every Picture Tells a Story”
  8. “Maggie May”
  9. “People Get Ready”
  10. “Handbags And Gladrags”
  11. The Killing of Georgie” (Stewart)
    • (studio version previously released on A Night on the Town)
  12. Have I Told You Lately” (Van Morrison)
  13. “Tom Traubert's Blues (Waltzing Matilda)”
  14. “Forever Young” (Stewart, Jim Cregan, Kevin Savigar)
  15. “Gasoline Alley” (Stewart, Wood)
    • (studio version previously released on Gasoline Alley)
  16. “First Cut Is the Deepest”
  17. I Was Only Joking” (Stewart, Grainger)
    • (studio version previously released on Foot Loose & Fancy Free)
  18. “Mandolin Wind”
  19. “Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller” (Chuck Berry)
    • (studio version previously released on Smiler)
  20. “Stay with Me”
  21. “Having a Party”


  • Rod Stewart – lead vocals, banjo
  • Ron Woodguitar
  • Jeff Golub – guitar
  • Jim Cregan – guitar
  • Don Teschner – guitar, mandolin, violin
  • Carmine Rojas – bass guitar
  • Charles Kentiss III – piano, organ
  • Kevin Savigar – piano, organ, accordion
  • Phil Parlapiano – accordion, mandolin
  • Dorian Holly, Darryl Phinnessee, Fred White – backing vocals
  • Strings arranged and conducted by Jeremy Lubbock
  • Additional members of the band: Marilyn Baker, Haim Shtrum, Mari Tsumura, Jay Rosen, Kwihee Shamban, Miran Kojian, Brian Leonard, Jean Hugo, Joel Derouin, Bruce Dukov, Joseph Meyer, Ronald Clark, Joan Elardo, David Shostac, Norman Ludwin, Drew Dembowski, David Shamban, Suzie Katayama, James Ross, Larry Corbett.


  • Michael Ostin – executive producer
  • Joel Stillerman – executive producer
  • Patrick Leonard – producer
  • Alex Coletti – producer
  • Audrey Johns – producer
  • Milt Lage – director
  • Jerry Jordan – engineer
  • Charlie Bouis – assistant engineer
  • David Gallo – assistant engineer
  • Marc Moreau – assistant engineer
  • Doug Sax – mastering
  • Neal Preston – photography
  • Greg Ross – design


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