Papatoetoe Train Station

Papatoetoe train station is on the Southern Line of the Auckland railway network. It is between Station Road and Shirley Road, across the street from Papatoetoe West School, and has an island platform layout.


Old Station Building

The old station building, restored by the Papatoetoe Railway Station Preservation Trust, has been moved to the corner of Station Road, Shirley Road, Tavern Lane & St George Street. Parts of this building dated back to 1875. A new station was constructed on the present site.

The old station is an integral part of the area's history, with Old Papatoetoe developing as a commercial centre.


Year Notes
1875 The railway line from Auckland reached Papatoetoe. The first railway station was built between May and August and named Papatoitoi Station (note spelling). The building was on the western side of the present road bridge.
1887 The stationmaster was removed from the station due to the financial depression. The station became an unofficered flag station until 1914.
1907 The station name was changed to Papatoetoe.
1914 The station had two rooms added to it, and was open for all business, with a new stationmaster being appointed. Reports list the station as being moved to the western side of the track.
1918 The station was moved and resited.
1919 The station reopened, with a 14-ft diameter railway windmill and a 6000-gallon water vat. These provided water for the station and for locomotives that shunted or turned at Papatoetoe. A peaked roof and verandahs were added during this time.
1926 The reinforced concrete road bridge south of the station was built by the Public Works Department, replacing a temporary wooden structure.
1928 A row of railway houses was built in Station Road, on the west side of the station. Fabricated sections were supplied by the New Zealand Railways House Factory, Frankton.
1942 The windmill and water tower were removed after the station was connected to the town water supply.
1976 After a burglary, the goods shed was set alight and burnt down.
1987 Staff were withdrawn after a centralisation of booking offices.


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