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The Electronic Intifada (ei) is a not-for-profit, independent online publication which covers the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a pro-palestinian perspective, "aimed at combating the pro-Israeli, pro-American spin" its editors believe exists in mainstream media accounts. EI was founded by Ali Abunimah, Arjan El Fassed, Laurie King, and Nigel Parry.


EI sees over one quarter of a million visits a month, with surges during crisis periods. Following Israel's Operation Summer Rains in Gaza on June 27th, 2006 and its war in Lebanon launched on July 12th, 2006, EI saw one million visits in one month. During Operation Defensive Shield in March/April 2002, EI saw over three-quarters of a million visitors in one month.

Bassaleh News Network (BNN)

The Bassaleh News Network is an online magazine by EI publishing satirical material about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Middle East in general. The name means "The Onion" in Arabic. BNN has not been updated since late 2006.


Hannah Brown of the Jerusalem Post described EI as "very professional, user-friendly and well written," and added that "it is mainly a compilation of news from publications all over the Internet." Gil Sedan, a Jewish Telegraphic Agency reporter, described EI as a "cyberpropaganda" site which "may contribute to a better understanding of the Palestinian cause," but also said that it "is too biased to be of much use to mainstream publications.

Political journalist Alexander Cockburn stated "there are a number of excellent news outlets for those who want unjaundiced reporting.... The Electronic trusted. Gerald M. Steinberg, the Director of the Program on Conflict Resolution at Bar Ilan University and head of the Israeli non-governmental organization NGO Monitor, described Electronic Intifada as "an explicitly pro-Palestinian political and ideological Web site that hosts "anti-Israel propaganda.

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