Unify Corporation

Unify Corporation

Unify Corporation is one of the early developers of database management systems and tools for database development. Unify was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Sacramento, California. As of 2006, it employs 60 worldwide.

Unify was an early example of an accounting scandal. Reza Mikailli was the President and CEO of Unify from approximately April 1995 until June 2000 when he was placed on medical and then administrative leave. He was subsequently charged and convicted of 10 counts of security fraud and conspiracy charges, primarily for overstating the company's revenues Todd Wille took over as Unify's CEO, and helped prevent the company from filing bankruptcy.

In March 2006, Unify announced that it was being bought by technology holding company HALO Technology Holdings for a stock-only trade valued at an estimated $21m This deal, however, fell through and Unify acquired Gupta Technologies as part of a trade agreement.


  • 1980 Unify was co-founded by Nico Nierenberg , William "Bill" Osberg, and David Edwards
  • 1986 Unify releases Accell IDS one of the first integrated 4GL applications.
  • 1987 Unify releases Unify 2000, an OLTP database engine written in C that was the predecessor to Unify DataServer.
  • 1993 Nico and Bill leave Unify to form Actuate Corporation
  • 1995 Reza Mikailli moves the corporate headquarters to San Jose.
  • 2000 Unify reports accounting irregularities; places Reza Mikailli on leave. Todd Wille assumes the CEO position. Corporate headquarters return to Sacramento. Unify is delisted from Nasdaq, trades on pink slips.
  • 2003 Reza Mikailli convicted of security fraud and conspiracy charges. Unify lays off about half of the development staff to focus on sales and marketing.
  • 2005 Unify acquires Acuitrek and forms the Insurance Risk Management (IRM) division.
  • 2006 Halo Technologies (formerly Warp Technologies) makes a stock-only buyout offer for approximately 21 million USD. Instead, Unify trades the IRM division for Gupta Technologies.
  • 2008 Unify is relisted in Nasdaq, changes its stock symbol back to UNFY.


  • Unify NXJ

Unify NXJ is an integrated development environment for the Java EE platform. Originally written on top of Unify's now-defunct application server EWave, it now runs on top of Jboss, Oracle Corporation, and IBM application servers. It features embedded SQL statements inside the Java language, in the style of Unify's 4GL.

Recently, the company has focused on Lotus Notes application conversion to NXJ, and now offers a product to convert a significant portion of a typical Lotus application to NXJ automatically.

Accell/SQL is an integrated development environment for a non-gui Unix platform. It is a cross-database development environment, with interfaces to both Unify's DataServer product as well as several third-party databases.

Several variants of a GUI were added to the product later, including a Motif interface, an OPEN LOOK interface, and a web-based interface.

  • Unify Vision

Unify Vision is an integrated development environment using a graphical user interface and a thick client model, although Vision has some concepts similar to a service-oriented architecture.


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