Bishop Maginn High School

Bishop Maginn High School is a Catholic high school in Albany, New York. In 2005 it had 408 students and 27 classroom teachers, giving it a student:teacher ratio of 14:1. It is coeducational and open to students of all faiths.

The school belongs to the school system of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany. It is accredited by the New York State Board of Regents and the Middle States Association.

Student life

Students at Bishop Maginn are required to perform in State Regents testing. The courses At Bishop Maginn are as followed and separated by grade:
Theology 9 (Understanding Scripture)
English 9
Global Studies 9
Physical Education
Language other than English

Theology 10 (Sacraments and the Church)
English 10
Global Studies 10
Physical Education

Theology 11 (Christian Morality)
English 11
US History and Government
Computer Applications
Physical Education

Theology 12 (Christian Vocation)
English 12
Physical Education

Maginn Activities and Clubs

Bishop Maginn Highh School boasts that 90% of their students participate in school activities.


The school offers 10 sports teams for men and women and are as followed >
Men's Team Women's Team Season
Football X Fall
Golf Golf Fall
X Tennis Fall
Cross Country Cross Country Fall
X Volleyball Fall
X Cheerleading Fall
Basketball Basketball Winter
Bowling Bowling Winter
X Cheerleading Winter
Baseball X Spring
X Softball Spring
Track and Field Track and Field Spring


The students are encouraged to join in clubs that let them be exposed to different cultures, help their community and learn outside of the traditional classroom setting

National Honor Society Newspaper
Yearbook Writing/Poetry/Art Pub.
Ski Club Anime Club
Chess Club Math Club
Aquarium Club Student Council
Mock Trial Team Interclass Play
Spring Musical Drama Club
Stage Crew Service Corps


Bishop Maginn has a strict dresscode for the following uniformal attire


The girls at Bishop Maginn High School are allowed a choice of two uniforms to comply to the cold New York winters. They are allowed to wear:
A white blouse
Black Shoes with a maximum Three inch heel
A Navy Blue Sweater with the word "Bishop Maginn" stitched in gold upon the breast
A Gray Skirt or Khaki Slacks


The men at Bishop Maginn are allowed the following:
Khaki slacks
Black shoes
Navy Blue Sweater with the word "Bishop Maginn" stitched in gold upon the breast
A Blue and Gold Striped tie with small iconic griffins on the gold

other measures at Bishop Maginn have been made to the dress code including a ban on unnatural hair coloring, excessive jewelry, and distracting belts (namely those with digital ticker tape).

Punishment for excessive breaking of the dress code will usually result in Detention.


Bishop Maginn is named after the former Bishop of Albany Edward J. Maginn. Two former high schools operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, Vincentian Institute (VI) and Cardinal McCloskey High School, were merged in 1977, creating Bishop Maginn High School in the former McCloskey building. Declining enrollments and an aging Vincentian building made it necessary for the Diocese to use the newer McCloskey building for the new school. The first graduating class from Bishop Maginn was the Class of 1978. Formerly rivals, the students from both VI and McCloskey accepted each other in a harmonious display of unity, adopting an enthusiastic spirit for the new school. Each of the former schools' mascots, VI's lion, and McCloskey's cardinal were also merged to create the Maginn Griffin. The coat of arms for the new created school contains the line 'Veni Lumen Cordium', which in Latin means 'Come light of the heart'

Alma Mater

Hail to our Blue and Gold!
Your Spirit will remain
Long after high school years have passed
And generations changed.

The Griffins' pride and faith
Will ever be our guide,
With loyalty and fellowship
And service by our side

Your blue will give us strength
Your gold will light our ways
Maginn - our Alma Mater
To you we sign our praise!
In 1980, Anne Gould Penned an Ode to Bishop Maginn that became it's Alma Mater and is sung by the graduating class at each commencement ceremony.

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