Philip Davison

Philip Davison is a writer born in 1957 in Dublin. He is perhaps best known for his series of novels which follow Harry Fielding's activities as an understrapper for the MI5.

Harry Fielding Novels

  1. Crooked Man (1997)
  2. McKenzie’s Friend (2000)
  3. The Long Suit (2003)
  4. A Burnable Town (2006)

Other Books

  • The Book-Thief’s Heartbeat (1981)
  • Twist and Shout (1983)
  • The Illustrator (1988)

Film and Drama

Philip Davison has had one play produced, The Invisible Mending Company (Dublin, The Abbey Theatre, Peacock Stage, 1996).

He has co-scripted the film dramas Exposure, and Criminal Conversation

Crooked Man was made into a TV Drama in 2003.

His radio plays include Being Perfect (2004); The Duke (2004); Lennon’s Guitar (2005); and The Fishmonger (2006)

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