Presso is an internationally patented, manually operated lever action espresso machine. Designed by P Hunt from Therefore in the United Kingdom(UK). In 2004 it received design awards in the UK.


The body of the Presso is made from hand polished, pressure cast aluminium. Stress bearing components are made from stainless steel. A heat-proof, tough transparent plastic reservoir receives boiling water. The portafilter is a domestic sized(50mm)commercial style, chrome plated unit. The lever action is reminiscent of the ladies legs cork screw. The shower and patented one-way valve are made from food grade silicone.


With the lever action arms(arms) in the downward position and the portafilter and a suitable cup/mug in place, boiling water is added to the heat-proof reservoir. The arms are then raised to allow the water to fall below the patented one-way valve, pressure is then applied to the arms, in a downward motion, the hot water passes through the portafilter and into the waiting cup. Perform this action twice at the outset to heat the unit and the cup before making your espresso.

Place fresh finely ground coffee into the warm, dry filter basket, within the portafilter. Tamp with even pressure using the scoop/tamper provided, clear excess grounds from the rim of the portafilter. Return it to the unit.

Empty cup of hot water.

Pour freshly boiled water to the desired level in the heat-proof reservoir (20-30ml per shot), raise the arms.

Allow water to infuse into your puck for 10sec.

Apply constant, even downward pressure on the arms of the unit, thus beginning the extraction, hold until the stream of espresso begins to blond (become watery in consistency). From beginning to end, this step should take 20-25sec.

To ensure all the crema is extracted from the puck, raise the arms and repeat the previous step.

At this point warm milk, with a dense microfoam may be added.

Refinement of method

Adjustments to the three main components of your pour (grind, dose and tamp) will change the body, flavour and consistency of the shot produced. An optimum extraction for espresso is popularly accepted as 25sec.

Grind A grind that is too fine will produce a longer extraction time. Conversely a grind that is too coarse will reduce the extraction time.

Dose Overfilling and underfilling the filterbasket will affect crema and extraction time.

Tamp Pressure on the tamp or lack there of will affect the even penetration of the puck by water at sufficient pressure.

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