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Kamen Rider Kuuga

is a Japanese tokusatsu television series. It is the tenth installment in the popular Kamen Rider Series of tokusatsu shows. It was a joint collaboration between Ishimori Productions and Toei, and was shown on TV Asahi from January 30, 2000 to January 21, 2001.


Long ago, the Grongi Tribe terrorized the Linto until a warrior named Kuuga appeared and defeated the Grongi, sealing their leader within a cave. In present day, a multi-talented man named Yuusuke Godai finds himself linked to the mysterious stoned belt that was found within the escavated cave as the Grongi are ressurected and resume their murderous game on the desandants of the Linto, humanity itself. It is up to Yuusuke, along with the assembled Science Police, to use the various powers of Kuuga in order to stop and defeat the Grongi Tribesmen from their continuous killing and ensure the happiness of others. However, as endgame draws near, Yuusuke learns that there is a horrible revelation behind Kuuga and the Grongis' leader.


  • : The young adventurer who changes into Kuuga. He is a happy-go-lucky and honest person that fights to protect everyone's smile. Yuusuke and his sister, Minori, lost their mother while they were both young and their father when they were older. He was born in Hokkaidō Prefecture on March 18, 1975. His blood type is O.
  • : The police inspector who is leading operative of the Science Police formed for fighting the Grongi. Like his father, who died on his tenth birthday, Ichijo is a model policeman who firmly believes in doing the right thing. Though he is very strict with himself, he will do everything he can, even bend police rules, to help Yuusuke fight the Grongi. He was born in Nagoya City in Aichi Prefecture on April 18, 1974. His blood type is AB. After the Grongi were defeated, Ichijo returns to Nagoya.
  • : A friend of Godai who translates the ancient "Lintonese" transcripts that tell of Kuuga and the Grongi. At first she was against helping because she was worried about Yuusuke, but now she believes in him fully and works hard to help Yuusuke understand his powers by deciphering the writings. She was born in Gunma Prefecture on October 30, 1976. Her blood type is B.
  • : A trusted friend of Ichijo, he is the doctor that looks after Yuusuke and treats him when he becomes injured. Though he's a light-hearted person, he was very serious and worried when talking about Yuusuke's future transformations because of the constant dangers that surrounded the Kuuga legend. He also performs the autopsies of the Grongi victims in order to determine causes of death.
  • : Another old friend of Ichijo, she is in charge of the Science Division of the Police Department. She studies the biology of the Grongi in order to develop effective weapons against them. She also assists in the study of Kuuga and the Gouram. Because of the massive amount of work required of her to fight the Grongi, she was away from home quite often and her child felt alone and neglected.
  • : A university student from America that shares the work office with Sakurako. He researched the broken fragments that later formed into Gouram. He has a crush on Enokida and hoped to help her reconnect with her child.
  • : Yuusuke's younger sister who works a teacher at a local daycare. Yuusuke will occasionally visit her there to entertain the kids. Like Sakurako, she was at first apprehensive about her brother transforming into Kuuga, but she believes in Yuusuke and helps out however she can. She was born in Hokkaidō Prefecture on September 4, 1977. Her blood type is O.
  • :He was friends with the father of Yuusuke and Minori, who refer to him as like everyone else. He owns and runs the Pore-Pore Tea Cafe. He is a goofy, light-hearted character that keeps a scrap book of all of Kuuga's exploits from the newspaper, though unaware of Yuusuke being "Number 4" and thinks that the name "Kuuga" is a some jibberish Yuusuke made up until he learns the truth behind Yuusuke, donning the Kuuga mark on his appron in the series epilouge. He was born on June 9, 1955. His blood type is A.
  • : The daughter of Proff. Natsume, one of Daguba's victims, she was greatly depressed when her father's murder was being overlooked for the Grongi attacks, taking the findings her father had at their house. But after Yuusuke reasons with her, Mika decides to aid in the Grongi matter as Jean's assistant. However, she is unable to follow and decides to take up playing the flute her father gave her. But while attending the 12th Arikawa Group Flute Competition, a hostage situation by a disgrunted government working trumatizes Mika as Yuusuke tells her to not to run from her fear and continue. Three months later, Mika is attending a special college.
  • : Tamasaburo's niece, who helps out at the Pore-Pore Tea while aspringing her dream to be a actress. However, since the death of her acting teacher at the hands of Grongi, Nana has been troubled until Yuusuke finally helps her overcome her saddness.
  • : A young troubled man, he saw the Grongi as a salvation until he was saved by Kuuga. He later researched trying to make a living until he was knocked out by Gamego while on his way to a job interview.
  • : Yuusuke's elementary school teacher, who ocassionally visits his unchanged student.

The Grongi

The is a mysterious ancient civilization that can transformed into their monster forms to kill people for their ruthless game, the first being their rival civilization the Linto. But the original Kuuga defeats the leader of the Grongi and seals all 200 of them away. However, by present day, the newly resurrected Deguba revives his tribe from their rest and resume their game on the human race, the decendants of the Linto, to bring out the "Ultimate Darkness", where humanity will be as violent as the Grongi. They are referred by the Police as . Each of them possess a strange artifact in all of their bodies, no different to Kuuga. Those seen to assume human form are labeled as "B", each the human-like Grongi possessing a tattoo that resemble their true animalistic forms. Unidentified Lifeform #B1 only remains in human form for the rest of the series. The naming pattern of the Grongi are "Group・Species・Creature type". Only 48 of the Grongi have appeared in the series.

N Daguba Zeba

is the lord of the Grongi Tribe responsible for murdering the archaeologists before resurrecting the Grongi in modern times, labeled "Unidentified Lifeform 0" by the Police. Before resufacing nine months later, Daguba manages to slaughter 162 inferior Grongi in Nagano before killing Gōma and falling off the radar after six days of being sighted. By the time he resurfaces, Daguba assumes the guise of a white-suited man with a aura and is labeled as "B13". Once Gadoru is killed, Daguba begins end game by causing a endless heavy rain before attacking Kuuga in his , defeating Kuuga in Amazing Mighty Form before leaving massive damage in his wake. As he revaled to Baruda, he's giving Kuuga time to get stronger as favor for giving him time to move around the country in peace. Once at Nagano, Daguba resume the carnage before starting a systematic genocidal of all humans in Japan as he tells Yuusuke to meet him at Kyuurou for a final confrontation. But as he hoped, Daguba assumes his as he and Kuuga battle each other. After exhausting themselves to the point that they are too weak to maintain their fighting forms, they continue to fight in human with their bare hands to the death until Daguba dies from the fist multiple injuries.

Ra Group

The Judges of the Grongi game and Daguba's righthands.

  • - Assuming the guise of a , she is labeled "Unidentified Lifeform B1" and served as the judge for Zu and Me group Grongi, as well as bringing Go into the game before making visits to Nagano. Though glimpses of her true form were seen, she never assumed it before any human and was believed by Ichijo to be Number 0. However, when she realizes how far humans have changed after being wounded by Ichijo, Baruda hints the Kuuga/Daguba relation before she hospitalized the detective for being able to actually hurt her and starts to warn the other Grongi to no longer underestimine the humans. During Daguba's attack, she is encoutered by Ichijou as she reveals that humans will soon be "like the Grongi" before running off, with Ichijo forced to use 8 Neurotmesis Bullets to take her down as her lifeless body falls into the sea and is unable to be found.
  • - Labeled "Unidentified Lifeform 47" and "B9", armed with tonfa, he assumed the form of a man in black with white robes on him. He carries a abacus which he uses to count the number of kills by the Go Group Grongi until Ichijo destoryed it with a Marking Bullet, forcing the Grongi to reveal his true form in a hit and run attempt to kill Ichijou. However, as a result, Dorudo lost his purpose as the game's overseer and is forced to fight for his life against Gadoru as Ichijo arrives to the scene. Dorudo eventually attempts to retreat from the fight and is pursued by Sugita and Sakurai who shoot him dead with the completed Neurotmesis Bullets.


is the last of the Nu, the group within the Grongi who crafts the artifacts used by the other groups. Posing as middle aged man, Zajio manages to remain in hiding with his existence unknown to the police while creating the items used by the Grongi. With Gōma's aid, Zajio obtains discarded pieces of Daguba's body and refines them to create a means for a Grongi to have the same abilities as Daguba and Kuuga, so those in the game can defend themselves against Daguba. In the end, Zajio is eventually killed by Daguba just as he finished his final work. Like Baruda, Zajio's true form was never revealed.

Be Jimin Ba

is the last of the Be Group, who were all murdered by N・Daguba・Zeba without acquiring the right of the game. The monster only appears on the Kuuga stage show.

Zu Group

Lower tier. The creatures of Zu group which is not in the list are considered to have been murdered by Daguba, without acquiring the right of the game. The one that are qualified are brought into the game by writing their names on a portable black board and using the beads of their bracelets to mark the number of people they have killed. Their leader is Zu・Zain・Da.

  • : Referred to the police as "Unidentified Lifeform 1". He was Kuuga's first opponent, though he survived as Kuuga was in "Growing Form". But by the next episode, Gumun reappeared to settle the score while aiding Gōma. But in the end, the Zu was destroyed by Kuuga Mighty Form's Mighty Kick.
  • : Labeled as "Unidentified Lifeform 3" originally and B2. He posed as a preacher when he first appears, later while donning a black trenchcoat and fedora to protect himself from direct sunlight. Though he survived Kuuga in the first encounter, Gōma was temporary removed from the game as a result and becomes Ra・Baruba・De's underling when the Zu lose the right to play. His flying from Tokyo to the site of Grongi burial grounds in Nagano, finding a decarded piece of Daguba's body item and having it refined before using it on himself to evolve to a state where he can now resist sunlight and assume a dark-skinned and long haired . But the evolution made Gōma more blood-lustful as he actually attack Baruba to force Daguba's location out of her with intend to kill Daguba and get all his power. But when Gaboru overwhelms him to cover Baruba's escape, Gōma is forced to retreat as the final stages of his evolution take effect, his hair greyed in the process with the ability to assume a white-haired and armored . Going on a killing spree in Chiba, killing as many people as he could before Daguba comes for him. But Kuuga arrives to fight him in Titan Form as Ichijo uses a device specially made to disrupt Gōma via soundwaves. But Gōma manages to destroys the device and was about to kill Kuuga when Daguba finally arrives. Running off to fight Daguba, only to be slaughtered by him with his corpse found by Godai and Ichijo as it is taken for medical analysis, leading to the development of the Neurotmesis Bullets.
  • : Labeled "Unidentified Lifeform 5", she fought Kuuga and ended up losing her eye to gunshots by the police, killing Hikari's husband in the process. She was eventually destroyed by Kuuga's Mighty Kick.
  • - Labeled as "Unidentified Lifeform 6" and "B5", the arrogant Bazu assumes the form of a young man with a scarf. When he begins his part in the game in Suginami, Bazu grabs unsuspecting people where the smoke from a factory doesn't point, leaping high enough so his victims can fall to their death. Kuuga arrives before Bazu kills a police officer, with Bazu overpowering Kuuga's Mighty Form with his jumping abilities, though he retreats when the smoke comes their way. Bazu later resumes the game, almost killing Ichijou and attacking the Police before Yuusuke arrives to finish the fight. Though losing at first, Kuuga manages to master Dragon Form's power thanks to Sakurako, using his Splash Dragon attack to kill Bazu.
  • - Unidentified Lifeform 7.
  • - Unidentified Lifeform 8.
  • - Unidentified Lifeform 9.
  • - Unidentified Lifeform 10.
  • - Unidentified Lifeform 11.
  • and - Unidentified Lifeforms 12 A and 12B.
  • - Unidentified Lifeform 13.
  • : Unidentified Lifeform 22 and B4, able to assume the form of a hulking strongman with a temper. Soon after the Me group's turn begins with the Zu no longer worthy to play, and when their first hideout got compromised by the police's smoke bombs, Zain starts acting on his own by attacking trucks and jabbing the drivers to death with his horn. He overpowered Kuuga in both human and Grongi forms when Biran intervened. While Zain resumes his attack on large motor vehicles, Yuusuke manages to perfect his Mighty Kick to finally kill the Grongi.

Me Group

Middle tier, above the ranks of the Zu, they are brought into the game by using a abacus to predict the number of people they are to kill and the time period to accomplished that. Their leader is Me・Garima・Ba.

  • : The first of the Me group to join the game, labeled "Unidentified Lifeform 14", he assumes the form of a young man in a yellow jacket. Bajisu uses the stingers from his wrists to execute vertical sniping from high in the sky, with the victim dying a fatal anaphylatic shock. However Kuuga, intervenes, with Bajisu forced to leave his bracelet behind as Kuuga pursing him. But once Kuuga assumes Pegasus Form, Bajisu took advantage of this and retreat, getting a new bracelet to resume his game. Using a tracking device, Ichijou manages to track down Bajisu and give pursuit as the Grongi makes his way to the beach to kill Yuusuke as payback. However, once able to master Pegasus Form's power, Kuuga blasts the Grongi out of the sky with his Blast Pegasus attack.
  • : Unidentified Lifeform 15.
  • - Unidentified Lifeform 16.
  • - Unidentified Lifeform 17.
  • - Unidentified Lifeform 18.
  • - Unidentified Lifeform 19.
  • - Unidentified Lifeform 20.
  • - Labeled "Unidentified Lifeform 21", Giiga assumes the form of a man dressed in white with a dunce cap. When he begins to play, he shoots glops ink from his mouth that explodes on compact to kill his victims, retreating into a nearby body of water as his stomach overheats from producing more of the ink. Kuuga was unable to defeat Giiga in Mighty Form, though the Grongi retreated when he begins to overheat. When Giiga resumes his game, Kuuga assumes Titan Form and withstands the Grongi's attacks before running the Grongi though with his Calamity Titan attack.
  • - Labeled as "Unidentified Lifeform 23" and "B7", assuming the form of a young man, Biran briefly challenged Zain after insulting him and his Zu. Biran later first made himself known to Kuuga when he attacks Zain for "stealing his turn". Once his turn began, Biran gets to kill off 180 people within a period of 2 days by attacking any form of water transportation and slaughtering the passengers single handily. But he is driven out of his game by the smell of blood overriding his senses, the police arrive to fight Biran until Kuuga arrives to fight him. But when Mighty Form and Titan have no effect, Biran is forced away when hit with a modified bullet. In spite of being injured, Biran was intend to make his quota to the very end. When Ichijou manages to lure Biran out into the open, Kuuga kills him in Dragon Form with his Splash Dragon attack.
  • - Labeled "Unidentified Lifeform 24", Gyarido assumes the form of a deranged punker who drives a truck he aquired from Giigas' killing its previous driver. When his turn came, Gyarido begins by commiting mass vehicular homicide. With the Gouram's aid, Kuuga manages to catch up to Gyarido, who is forced out of the truck by Kuuga in Dragon Form before being forced to retreat through the sewers. After aqcuiring a new truck and killing five men, Gyarido resumes his killing spree until Kuuga intercepted him in the Try Gouram, using the Try Gouram Attack to knock the truck down while killing the Grongi in the process.
  • - Labeled "Unidentified Lifeform 25", Gadora assumes the form of a man armed with a pair of knuckles and with a chain. He is called in by Bara to kill 70 people within six hours as part of game. He slaughters police officers as Yuusuke arrives too late to save them, fighting the Grongi as Kuuga in a long battle lasting to the night before Gadora gets the upperhand. But the tables turn as Kuuga uses his Mighty Kick to kill him.
  • : - Labeled "Unidentified Lifeform 26", Ginoga assumes the form of a effeminine man in a white hat with long bleached hair who perfers hot enviroments like Shinjuku. Ginoga's special abilitiy is to regenerate at a cellular level, becoming stronger as a result with resistence to the infliction he receives from a fight. When his turn came, Ginoga starts killing two people with his spores being delivered in the form of a kiss or as a spore cloud. However, he unexepectingly attacked Yuusuke without realizing that he's Kuuga, fighting him in a battle where he poisons Kuuga while being wounded himself in the process. Confident that nothing will get in his way, room goes off to kill the remaining 125 to fill his quota. But when hit by Neurotmesis Bullets, Ginoga escapes the police and makes his way outside Shinjuku, regenering with a reddish tint and able to kill people by using his spore clouds to penatrate the gasmasks. After a showdown with the entire police force, Kuuga arrives in Growing Form to battle the Grongi with the police supporting him, using the a stronger version of the Growing Kick to kill him. However, only Ginoga's arm remained, which regenerated into a mindless , labeled "Unidentified Lifeform 26B". But as the clone was not fully matured, it lacked the ability to regenerate or poison its victims. Kuuga arrives to fight the Grongi in Mighty Form, managing to use his Mighty Kick to disrupt the Mutant's celluar structure as it melts into a puddle of ooze.
  • - Unidentified Lifeform 27.
  • - Unidentified Lifeform 28.
  • - Unidentified Lifeform 29.
  • - Unidentified Lifeform 30.
  • - Labeled "Unidentified Lifeform 31" and "B3", Garume was the first of the Me Group to appear. Posing as a man with wild blonde hair and desiring to be a Go, Garume's turn came as he uses his cloaking abilities to hide at high areas, draggins his victims with his tongue to hang them while smashing their faces against a surface, announcing his next location to kill, going for Juze Square in Shinjuku and then at the Central Tower, where the police stand by. Learning of a five-minute window, the police attempt to use grenades to disrupt Garume's chromatic celluar makeup while learning the reason for the Grongi attacks. Though the visible Garume outruns the police, he runs into Kuuga as they battle. But once Garume can turn invisible to escape, Garume is killed by Kuuga Pegasus Form's Gouram-aided Blast Pegasus.
  • - Unidentified Lifeform 32, it murdered Nana's acting teacher.
  • - Unidentified Lifeform 33. Destroyed by Kuuga Titan Form's Calamity Titan
  • - Unidentified Lifeform 34.
  • - Unidentified Lifeform 35, it attacked 1386 people.
  • - Labeled "Unidentified Lifeform 36" and "B6", the only female member of the Me with a tatoo on her right pointer and thumb nails and a green streak in her hair while in human form. While Garume begins his game, Garima receiving a double bladed scythe/lance as the Go arrive and she was with on a train at the Yuchashou Station, killing the those in the 4th cabin as the others left. Deciding to continue playing as , she tracks down the remaining the 288 who left the train prior and strikes them down with her weapon, her victims unaware of their death until they look back to face her. When Kuuga attempts to fight her in Titan Form on the Gouram, Garima manages to endure the Try Gouram Attack and escape in the confusion, wounded but able to continue the game with use her sycthe-katana. She about to kill Sakuraro when Yuusuke arrives to her aid, assuming Kuuga's Titan Form. But once Kuuga assumes Rising Titan Form, he runs Garima through with his Rising Calamity Titan.

Go Group

High tier, weapon users whose weapons are created from each respected ornament much like Kuuga while in his Pegasus, Dragon, and Titan forms. Unlike the lesser tiers, the Go do not personally count their victims as Ra Dorudo Gu does that for them as they judge. Also, their game roles are themed on personal rules they had placed on themselves, working on a certain number of people they picked personally. The Go who complete the Jijilu Game, or the one who can defeat all the Go class Grongi, earns the right to fight Daguba for control of the entire Grongi Tribe. Their leader is Go・Gadoru・Ba, one of the three strongest Go, the Jibajilu, who modified themselves to alter their forms like Kuuga and Daguba.

  • - Labeled as "Unidentified Lifeform 37" and armed with a bowgun that fires owl-feather darts, Būro assumes the form of a young man wearing sunglasses. When his turn came, he spent the five hours in Tokyo District 23 using his bowgun to snipe down people by the nines from the air, having all of his 162 victims die of a myocardial infection. Kuuga intercepts Būro at the Hajia Building in Shinju, attempting to fight him in Pegasus Form as he temporary upgrades to Rising Pegasus Form. To envade his demise, Būro rips off his right wing when it was hit by Kuuga's attack and runs off to regenerate it. Once healed, Būro forces Kuuga out for a final battle. However it took, three hits of from Kuuga Raising Pegasus Form's Raising Blast Pegasus to kill him.
  • - Labeled as "Unidentified Lifeform 38" and armed with a whip, she assumes the form of a young woman in black chinese outfit with black lips and a love for classical music. When her turn came, Bemiu uses Chopin's Revoultion to plan out her killing spree, murdering her victims by going to public water areas and using her whip to pirece sixteen of those each in the pool, totaling 58 vicitims of frostbite-induced cardioparalysis in the four pools she visited. But when the police closed down the public swiming areas after getting her pattern, Bemiu alters her plan to attack the people at a beach until Kuuga intervenes in Dragon Form. Once assuming Raising Dragon Form, Kuga kills her with his Rising Splash Dragon as he chucks her into the sea.
  • - Labeled as "Unidentified Lifeform 39" and armed with a supply of morning stars created from his rings, he assumes the form of a man in Yakuza attire with a gambling streak. Using a roulette table to select the number and color to pick out a random location straight from a tall building he occupies, Gamego tosses his weapon to kill as many people to get his quota of 54 for each location. Kuuga fights him in Rising Titan Form, but was overwhelmed and defeated as the hard-shelled Gamego takes his leave, knocking out Junichi Shiina in the process. Using a game of poker and starting anew at West Shinjuku, Kuuga battles Gamego as Ichijo uses the prototype Neurogensis Bullets to disarm the Grongi as Kuuga uses the Try Gouram to bring their fight to a disclosed area, assuming Raising Mighty Form to kill the Grongi with his Rising Mighty Kick.
  • - Unidentified Lifeform 40.
  • - Labeled as "Unidentified Lifeform 41" and "B8", the first of the Go to appear when he intervenes in Kuuga's fight with Gōma before leaving the scene and then formally introducing himself when Bemiu starts to play. Assuming the form of a young man wearing a scarf and carries a coin, Badā rides a bike as his weapon that can reach speeds of 400km mph. When his turn came, he begins to kill 99 motorcyclists within a 72 timelimit. When the TryChaser is damaged, Kuuga is left at a disadventage as Badā leaves with a promise to save him for last in his game. By the time Badā reached 98, he decides to finish off Kuuga. However, after being barriaged with Ner Bullets, Badā is driven into a secluded location where Kuuga meets him on the BeatChaser 2000, outrunning him before using his Rising Mighty Kick to fatally knock Badā off his bike.
  • - Labeled as "Unidentified Lifeform 42" and armed with needles, Jaraji assumed the form of youth in black who enjoys human suffering and snaps his fingers when able to move at fast speeds. He supported Gamego in his game before his death. When his turn came, Jaraji started to target 90 people by shooting his quills into them, having them die of encephalitis in four days. While going after Kazuya, killing the police, Jaraji is interupted by Kuuga, taking offense to it and leaving Kuuga wounded with a warning to stay out of his game. However, because some of his victims commited suicide, Jaraji is forced to find replacements before the 12th day ends. But when he was about to kill Kazuya to finish the game, Kuuga attacks Jaraji in berseker rage, assuming Rising Titan Form to brutally kill Jaraji with Rising Calamity Titan.
  • - Labeled as "Unidentified Lifeform 43" and armed with a poison claw, Zazara she posed as a woman with a fan who loves to paint her nails, the medium of her weapon and her game pattern. She supported Gamego and later made a enemy of Gōma after getting him weak. When her turn came, she targeted people in ten of the type of moving object like taxies and elevators that reflect the color pattern of her nails, melting them down with her strong acidic blood. This acid is trouble as it is extremely flamable and cause mass destruction if she is attacked. During her game, she gets amubused by Gōma and the two fight until Kuuga arrives, allowing her to escape to resume her game in spite of Dorudo's warnings not to underestimate humans like Bemiu had. Destroyed by Kuuga Rising Pegasus Form's Rising Blast Pegasus
  • - Labeled as "Unidentified Lifeform 44" and "B10", armed with a harpoon, Jaza assumes the form of a glasses wearing woman in a dark-green suit, she hates to fight she knows she must continue out of surival by killing those too weak to fight back. When her turn begins after modifying herself from her default , she goes all out to kill 567 within five hours while leaving internet blogs proclaiming her actions minutes prior. After slaughtering the mostly eldery 243 passengers of Rainbow Airlines in one go while posing a passenger, she kills the pilot after having him rely a message to the police of her intent. Jumping out of the crashing plane and swimming all the way back to Tokyo, she manages to serverely wound Kuuga while his guard was done before meeting with Baruba before heading off to kill the remaining 327 at Sunflower Cruise, most of which were children. Kuuga arrives on Gouram to stop Jaza in Pegasus Form. However, she evolves into her , armed with a large sword as Kuuga switches to Rising Titan Form, taking their fight into the ocean floor as he kills her with his Double Rising Calamity Titan
  • - Labeled as "Unidentified Lifeform 45" and "B12", armed with a war hammer, Baberu assumes the form of a man in his forties with a headband and black lips. When his turn came, he targeted subways, using his default's natural strength to block all escape routes to ensure the police don't interfer in his game to kill 682 people within four days. On the third day, Baberu battles Kuuga, defeating his Rising Titan easily in until Ichijou uses a prototype Neurogenisis Bullet to weaken the Grongi as Kuuga takes him to the location to finish him with in Rising Mighty Form with the Rising Beat Gouram Attack.
  • - Labeled as "Unidentified Lifeform 46" and "B11". armed with various weapons, Gadoru assumes the form of a man in militant garb. As the Go's leader, he interevene in the fight between Zazaru and Gōma and later comes to Baruda's aid against a power-mad Gōma when Kuuga arrives to witness him putting the bat Grongi back in his place. With Daguba going to Tokyo soon, he and the other two remaining Go underdo the same process as Gōma to ready themselves. After his two allies were killed, Gadoru is the last of the Grongi to play. After undergoing training to ready himself, Gadoru heads to the police department to find worthy opponents to fight as part of his game. When confronted by Kuuga in his default , Gadoru, reveals his new ability to the different powers of Kuuga, , , and , before defeating Kuuga at full-power in. But due to Ichijou, Gadoru's game had to be reset as the Grongi attempts to kill Dorudo for failing his part. After Dorudo retreats, Gadoru attempts to kill Ichijou upon bein wounded by the officer's Neurotmesis Bullets as Yuusuke arrives to battle the Grongi as Kuuga. Once taking their fight to the woods, Kuuga assumes Amazing Mighty Form and destorys Shocker Form Gadoru with his Amazing Mighty Kick.



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