Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam, name used to designate the U.S. government. The term arose in the War of 1812 and seems at first to have been used derisively by those opposed to the war. Possibly it was an expansion of the letters "U.S." on uniforms and government property, but some sources attribute the origin of the term to Samuel Wilson (1766-1854) of Troy, N.Y. Wilson, whose nickname was Uncle Sam, was an inspector of army supplies. The "U.S." stamped on supplies was referred to as "Uncle Sam" by the workmen. Regardless of origin, the term found wide application and became permanent.

Uncle Sam's Curse is Above The Law's fourth album. The album was released on July 12, 1994. Although many fans feel that this is the group's best album since it's rated #1 in best G-funk sound of all time, Uncle Sam's Curse is currently out of print and often sells used for $75 to $80 on auction sites.

Track listing

  1. "Return of the Real Shit" featuring Kokane
  2. "Set Free"
  3. "Kalifornia" featuring Kokane
  4. "Concreat Jungle"
  5. "Rain Be for Rain Bo" featuring Kokane
  6. "Everything Will Be Alright" featuring Kokane
  7. "Black Superman" (contains a sample from the film Above the Law)
  8. "The 'G' in Me"
  9. "Uncle Sam's Curse" (contains a sample from the film Mississippi Burning)
  10. "One Time Two Many"
  11. "Who Ryde" featuring Kokane & Tone Loc
  12. "Gangsta Madness" featuring Kokane

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