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Unalachtigo Lenape

The Unalachtigo (W'nalātchtko), were a division of the Lenape Native Americans. Once believed to comprise the southernmost of the three main divisions of the Lenape, they were said to have occupied the west bank of the Delaware River in the state of Delaware, and also the east bank of the river in New Jersey. This is no longer accepted, the southernmost Lenape speaking a Southern Unami dialect.


The designation Unalachtigo first came into use just prior to the American Revolution to designate Lenape who had migrated to the Ohio Country, well outside their original homeland. Linguist Ives Goddard has determined that the Unalachtigo had their origins around the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, and adjacent portions of New Jersey. They spoke a Northern Unami or Unalimi dialect of Lenape.



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