The Unadulterated Cat

The Unadulterated Cat by Terry Pratchett, illustrated by Gray Jolliffe, is a book written to promote what Pratchett terms the 'Real Cat', a cat who urinates in the flowerbeds, rips up the furniture, and eats frogs, mice and sundry other small animals. The opposite of the Real Cat is the 'Fizzy Keg Cat', a well-behaved and bland kind, as seen on cat food advertisements. It was first published 1989 by Gollancz.


  • Автентичната котка (Bulgarian)
  • Nefalšovaná kočka (Czech)
  • Tosikissa ei kirppuja kiroile (Finnish)
  • Sacrés chats ! (French)
  • Die gemeine Hauskatze (German)
  • Az igazi macska: Kampány az igazi macskáért (Hungarian)
  • Il Gatto D.O.C. (Italian)
  • Kot w stanie czystym (Polish)
  • Кот без дураков (Russian)
  • Riktiga Katter bär inte Rosett (Swedish)

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