Filterset.G is a third-party set of filters for the popular Adblock extensions for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The filterset contains pre-made and regularly updated filters that remove ads from many common ad providers, such as DoubleClick. The filters are based primarily on regular expressions. Unlike Adblock and Mozilla Firefox, Filterset.G is not open-source; the filters are only free for personal, non-commercial use, and redistribution of it is not permitted.


Filterset.G is created and maintained by Graham Pierce (who usually goes by the name "Pierceive" or "G"). It was the first major filter list available for Adblock, dating from July 2004.. The list grew out of a shared list of personal filters and feedback from its users.


Although Filterset.G is compatible with Adblock Plus, it is no longer recommended by the Adblock Plus maintainer. It is intentionally made not compatible with the built-in subscription model of Adblock Plus, requiring the use of the separate updater extension, it increases load times for pages compared to other subscription lists, and depends extensively on whitelist exception rules, which can't be overridden and can actually prevent ads from being blocked.

The maintainers of Filterset.G intended it to be compatible with all versions of Adblock, and blame un-removable features specific to Adblock Plus for causing these problems.. They provide forums for reporting whitelist errors and other bugs. The Adblock Filterset.G Updater keeps deleted filters from being downloaded on subsequent updates, so users can "fix" problems without waiting for an update.

Other browsers

Filterset.G is compatible with the native ad-blocking facility in KDE's Konqueror web browser from release 3.5 onwards. It is also part of Epiphany-extensions' Ad Blocker extension for GNOME's Epiphany browser. It also possible to use it with Safari with third party plug-ins.

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