Elliot Hope

Elliot Hope is the name of a fictional character on the BBC television series Holby City. The character is portrayed by actor Paul Bradley. The character first appeared on-screen on 8 November 2005 in episode More Equal Than Others - Series 8, Episode 4 of the programme.


Elliot arrived at Holby in episode 'More Equal Than Others', when it was revealed he had beaten Connie Beauchamp to the position of Clinical Lead. He subsequently stepped down from this position in order to spend more time with his wife, Gina. A Motor Neurone Disease sufferer, Gina ended her life by euthanasia, with Elliot by her side. His relationship with their children - James and Martha - has since been strained, although they were all briefly reconciled as they scattered Gina's ashes in Holby City Hospital's peace garden. However, when James began abusing drugs and got shot by a drugs gang, the tension between them grew again; when Elliot refused to attend James's trial after James shouted at him, Martha also began to act frostily towards him. His problems almost drove him to suicide, until he realised with the help of a man named George that everybody's life would be worse if Elliott had never been born. He was recently headbutted in the nose by a patient's relative after the patient died.

Elliot is named after a writer on the show, Elliot Hope. The Elliot Hope character is somewhat unique in comparison with other surgeons. He insists that his patients look after themselves and eat healthily, yet he's often seen eating donuts, chocolate bars and other unhealthy foods and is overweight. Elliot's dress sense is hardly smart - he wears un-ironed shirts which are not tucked in, he never wears his tie properly and his cuffs are always scruffy and undone. A recurring theme with the character is his inability to put his tie on correctly - a job which Connie always has to do for him.


Elliot is one of the most caring men who work at Holby. Not interested in womanising, drinking or following football, Elliot is a shy man who finds it difficult when women show affection and appreciation towards him. He always finds the time to listen to his patients and has been seen to encourage young medical enthusiasts to train to become doctors.

In recent episodes of the show, Elliot's characteristic indecisiveness (and failure to prioritise) have led him to becoming alienated from his friends and family. When under stress, he often sets out to please as many people as possible and ends up pleasing no-one.


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