Sultan Muhammadu Bello

SULTAN MUHAMMADU BELLO (1797- 1837 Northern Nigeria) Sultan Muhammadu Bello, born in 1797, is reputed to be the greatest of 19th century Sultans of Sokoto. He was the son of the geat Jihadist, shenhu Uthman Dan Fodio. He succeeded his father in 1817 and reassessed his territorial legacy, the Sakkwato Caliphate. He recognised the need to adapt Islam as an acceptable integrating force in government, social order, adminitration and cultural life. The extension of islamization into a sound social system dates from his time. A distinguished scholar himself, he advanced learning in the Caliphate and invented treat scholars from various countries. He was referred to as the scholar-soldier who "fought all day and sudied all night". It was through Muhammadu Bello's goo sense of government that thehitherto un controllable and autonomous Hausa States were broght under a single centralised system of government, covering the area later known as Nothern Niigeria. He died in 1837. "... the real motive of the Satate is the rule of Justice and Truth..." Sultan Muhammadu Bello, 1816.

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