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CNN International

CNN International (CNNI) is an English language television network that is commonly referred to as CNN and carries news, current affairs and business programming world-wide. It is owned by Time Warner, and is affiliated and shares much content with CNN, which is limited to the United States and Canada.

It is available in most of the world, distributed via satellite, cable and IPTV. Its international reach is more than 200 million households and hotel rooms in over 200 countries. For most viewers it is free-to-air, however some pay TV companies include it in their pay TV bouquets, or issue a virtual channel to the FTA version gone the same satellite. In addition, it is free to watch online, when available, via CNN's webpage. Its main global competitor is BBC World News, which has around double CNN's international viewership and employs many more correspondents and reporters, as well as having more international bureaus.

The managing director of CNN International is Tony Maddox.


The network, in large part a result of Ted Turner's internationalist ideals, began transmissions in 1985, at first primarily broadcasting to American business travelers in hotels. The early studios in Atlanta were tucked away in various corners of the CNN Center, and the newsroom lacked even a digital clock. The vast majority of the network's programming originally consisted of simulcasts of the two domestic CNN channels (CNN/US and Headline News). In 1992, however, the amount of news programming produced by CNNI especially for international viewers increased significantly. A major new newsroom and studio complex was built in 1994, as CNN decided to compete against BBC World Service Television's news programming. CNNI emerged as an internationally oriented news channel, with staff members of various national backgrounds, even though some accusations of a pro-U.S. editorial bias persist. CNN International was awarded the Liberty Medal on July 4, 1997. Ted Turner, in accepting the medal on behalf of the network, said: "My idea was, we’re just going to give people the facts…We didn’t have to show liberty and democracy as good, and show socialism or totalitarianism as bad. If we just showed them both the way they were…clearly everybody’s going to choose liberty and democracy.

In 1998, creative director Morgan Almeida began slowly branding the network, starting with creating a series of channel idents which made its on-air look less overtly American and with a more "international" aesthetic. The network undertook a major rebranding effort in 2006 overseen by the award winning creative vision of Mark Wright. Gone are the brash multi-colored headlines and in place are sleek, modern lines with its un-cluttered screen and smart navigational design, the network is modern, bold and stands out in an over-crowded TV landscape. The re-brand was a true testament to the forward thinking and pioneering spirit CNN is known for. CNN is now the second most watched news channel in the world and is noted for its journalistic integrity, and its independent news agenda, free from the influence of governments, state broadcasting systems, narrow national agendas and mono-cultural viewpoints.

In the U.S., CNNI North America was distributed during overnights and weekends on the CNNfn financial channel, until that channel's demise in December 2004. It is now available in its own right on a limited basis, mostly as part of digital packages of cable operators including Time Warner Cable and Verizon FiOS.

Regional and online versions

There are five variants of CNN International:

The schedules of the different regional versions no longer differ significantly from each other, but there are still minor variations such as weather updates. The London and Hong Kong production centers produce 50 and 30 hours per week of programming respectively.

CNN International can now be watched free of charge at on a part-time basis. During the breaks, headlines, market data and weather are shown.

Simulcasts between CNN/I and CNN/US

Although dramatically scaled down since its early days, CNN/I draws from feed of the main CNN channel for Larry King Live although only the Friday edition is shown live - the rest of the week it is shown a few hours later, Late Edition, the 10.00 pm hour of Anderson Cooper 360°, the 6.00 pm hour of The Situation Room and some CNN Special Investigations Unit documentaries. CNN/I airs CNN/US newscasts whenever major events happen in the United States or, in some cases, around the world. An example of an event where CNN/I usually turns to CNN/US is during US general elections, including presidential debates and primaries. Also, in 2004 CNN/I turned to CNN/US programming during Ronald Reagan's death and funeral and again in 2007 after the shooting of 32 students at Virginia Tech University.

Likewise, CNN/US occasionally turns to CNN/I newscasts, primarily when major international news breaks during overnight hours in the US. A notable case was during the death of Pope John Paul II and the aftermath of the London Underground bombings of July 7, 2005. CNN/US simulcast CNNI coverage of the death of Pakistan's former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto on the night after her assassination took place.

Normally during 12pm-1pm EST on weekdays, CNN/I's Your World Today airs on CNN/US That program is currently being pre-empted by Issue #1, a domestic personal finance program dealing with topics regarding the American economic, financial, and housing sectors.

During the March 2008's Atlanta tornado outbreak, CNN/US and CNN/I simulcasted coverage for two hours after Anderson Cooper 360° ended. That coverage ended around 12:40am EDT and the stations resumed their normal programming. The next day, with storms impending, CNN/US had to move onto CNN/I's US news set and weather center to avoid water from possible flooding during the storms.


General News

  • World News - The show updates the latest breaking news. While most of its editions are aired on weekends, the show airs up to 3 times on weekdays.
    • World News Asia has two live editions from Hong Kong and it is anchored by either Anjali Rao or Andrew Stevens. Unlike the generic edition, World News Asia also takes a more in-depth look at business news.
    • World News Europe, presented by Fionnuala Sweeney and Becky Anderson, airs twice from London on weekdays.
  • CNN Today - Airing from Hong Kong and London twice a day on weekdays, CNN Today gives viewers a mix of international news, business and sport. Each hour contains 3 weather bulletins. The Hong Kong edition, which is three and a half hours in length is anchored by Hugh Riminton and Kristie Lu Stout, with regular appearances by Shakuntala Santhiran, Andrew Stevens, and Anjali Rao, while the three-hour London edition is presented by Monita Rajpal and Max Foster, with regular appearances by Adrian Finighen, Owen Thomas, Mallika Kapur, and Sasha Herriman.
  • Your World Today - This news program originating from the CNN Center airs for up to 4 hours on weekdays. Michael Holmes and Colleen McEdwards present the first half while Jim Clancy and Hala Gorani present the second half. Jonathan Mann comes in to do the Insight segment which puts a top story into context.
  • The Situation Room (produced by CNN/US) - With Wolf Blitzer. Political discussion. This program is three hours long in the United States, airing from 4pm-7pm ET, but only the 6pm-7pm ET hour is simulcast on CNNI.
  • Anderson Cooper 360 (produced by CNN/US) - Anderson Cooper 360, also known as AC360 or 360 takes an in-depth look at the news and interviews experts and newsmakers. Regular segments include 360 Raw Politics, Keeping them Honest and 360 Bulletin.


  • Business International - Airs 3 times each weekday and is presented by Adrian Finnighan and Becky Anderson.
  • World Business Today - European nightly business news.
  • World Business This Week
  • Marketplace Middle East - Marketplace Middle East is a weekly business news show that focuses on the middle east market. John Defterios presents this program which airs for 15 minutes on Fridays.


  • World Sport
  • Living Golf
  • Main Sail

For rights reasons, CNNI typically cannot show the same sports highlights as CNN/US and Headline News. As such, its bulletins and on-air talent are entirely separate from the domestic operation..

Interviews, Debates and Forums

  • Talk Asia - Anjali Rao interviews the movers and shakers in Asia every week.
  • Larry King Live (produced by CNN/US) - Larry King interviews a variety of personalities every night.
  • International Correspondents - Finnoula Sweeney takes a look at the issues that concern how the media covers major stories.
  • Insight
  • Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer (produced by CNN/US) - Wolf Blitzer interviews top news makers, mainly US politicians and government officials.
  • CNN Connects - This is a forum where an audience can ask questions to the panelists. CNN Connects usually airs as part of a special week-long series focused on a certain issue or country.


  • Art of Life - Monica Rajpal shows viewers the latest arts and fashion news.
  • Business Traveller - Richard Quest shows viewers the latest trends and innovations that shape business travel. He also gives tips on how business travelers can be accustomed to the local culture.
  • Global Office



  • World Report - The show features reports from local media outlets around the world.
  • Inside Africa
  • Inside the Middle East
  • Quest - Richard Quest goes to different people to learn different skills and he shares his experiences with viewers.
  • Spirit Of...- Becky Anderson showcases the 'Spirit of' different elements of life.
  • Revealed - This show profiles successful people and follows them as on their current ventures.


  • World's Untold Stories
  • CNN Special Investigations Unit (produced by CNN/US)

Cancelled shows

General News

  • CNN This Morning (1996-2001)
  • Asia Tonight (1998-2002)
  • Asia Now
  • Biz News (2001-2004)
  • News Biz Today (2001-2004)


  • Biz Asia (1996-2002)
  • Business Central (2001-2004)

Interviews, Debates and Forums

  • Q&A with Riz Khan (1996-2001)
  • Diplomatic License Debates feature for the United Nations

Lifestyle, Entertainment and Features

  • CNN dot com
  • Design 360
  • Inside Asia
  • Inside Europe
  • Global Challenges
  • The Music Room
  • Next@CNN (produced by CNN/US)
  • Science and Technology Week (produced by CNN/US)
  • Spark





Since CNN/US began suffering a decline in viewership due to competition from Fox News Channel, CNN as a whole (including CNN International) has been accused by, among others, its own Christiane Amanpour, of catering to American jingoism at the expense of more balanced international coverage. Former CNN Beijing and Tokyo bureau chief Rebecca MacKinnon described how the news-gathering priorities of CNN International were skewed to "produce stories and reports that would be of interest to CNN USA." Nevertheless, Jane Arraf, a former correspondent who was with the Council on Foreign Relations and is now a correspondent for NBC News based in Baghdad, noted that when she spoke on international affairs, CNN International would usually give her more airtime than CNN/US. For its own part, CNN executive Eason Jordan has defended CNN International's "international" perspective, saying "No matter what CNN International does, as long as CNN's headquarters is in the United States people are going to say, well, it's an American service. But the reality is that it's an international service based in the United States, and we don't make any apologies about that."

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