Aurangabad district, Bihar

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Aurangabad district is one of the thirty-seven districts of Bihar state, India, and Aurangabad town is the administrative headquarters of this district. Aurangabad district is a part of Magadh division.

Headquarters: Aurangabad
Area: 3,305 km?
Population: Total: 1,539,988 Rural: 1,421,936 Urban: 118,052
Sub Divisions: Aurangabad, Daud Nagar
Blocks: Madanpur, Kutumbba, Daudnagar, Aurangabad, Barun, Obra, Dev, Nabinagar, Haspura, Goh, Rafiganj
Agriculture: Paddy, Wheat, Lentils
Industry: Carpet and Blanket Weaving
Rivers: Son, Punpun, Auranga, Bataane, Morhar, Aadri

Aurangabad features in traditional records. The Saint Chyawan spent his life in an Aashram (known as Chyawan Aashram) near Devkund village of HASPURA block in this district, and gives his name to a product of the area, called Chyawanprash.

The small village Devkund is also associated with an interesting mythological relevance. According to Hindu mythology, once Lord Vishwakarma was told to make three Sun temples in one night. These three temples are identical in design and incorporates a small pond with it. The only difference is the absence of fourth side wall of the pond at Devkund, which Lord Vishwakarma could not complete as the Sunrise occurred. In modern times those three temples are located at Deo, Deokund and Umga in Bihar.All these three towns have Sun temples. However the temple at Deo is the most popular for the celebration of a religious festival called Chhat puja.

Aurangabad also played a major role in the Indian independence struggle. Aurangabad's contribution in the freedom struggle has been immense with outstanding national leader like great gandhian and thefirst Deputy Chief Minister cum Finance Minister of Bihar, Bihar BibhutiDr.Anugrah Narayan Sinha {who was a close associate of Mahatama Gandhi and worked with Rajendra Prasad (the first President of India) and led the Gndhian Satyagraha movement in Bihar. It is also the birth place of Satyendra Narayan Singh {Affectionately called Chhote Saheb},who was also a participant in the Indian independence movement, and a former Chief Minister of Bihar.

Educational institutes

  • S.Sinha College, Aurangabad
  • A.N.S. College , Nabinagar
  • R.L.S.Y. College, Aurangabad
  • K.S. Mahila College, Aurangabad
  • A.N.S.M. college,Aurangabad
  • Mahila Mahavidyalaya,Amba(Aurangabad)
  • S N Sinha College, Aurangabad

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