ultraviolet light

"Ultraviolet (Light My Way)" (also spelled "Ultra Violet (Light My Way)") is the tenth track from U2's 1991 album, Achtung Baby.

It was performed live on the Zoo TV Tour for the first four legs, usually as the second song in the encore. During these encores, Bono was dressed as either the Mirror Ball Man (first three legs) or Mr. MacPhisto (Zooropa leg), his alter-egos. The song typically followed a phone call by the character performing that night.

The Edge played the song on his Gibson Explorer.

It was during the writing of this song that the hit single, "One", came about. Trying to write the bridge to "Ultraviolet", The Edge improvised a riff that the rest of the band rallied around. It was out of this that "One", which changed the outlook of recording sessions for the album, was born. The riff can also be heard on the B-side "Lady with the Spinning Head".

In popular culture

"Ultraviolet (Light My Way)" was used in a scene in the Adam Sandler film Click.

The song is featured in the 2007 film The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

The beginning of the song was sampled by Enigma in their song "The Eyes of Truth".


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