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List of Ultra Seven monsters

This is a list of the fictional monsters and aliens from the 1967 tokusatsu television series Ultra Seven.

Alien Cool

First Appearance: Episode 1, The Invisible Challenger (October 1st, 1967)

TNT Title: Enter Dan Moroboshi

Height: 2 meters / Weight: 75 kg

The first villain of the series, Cool Alien collects human specimens using a vaporizing / teleportation ray from his invisible spaceships. And commences attacks on an industrial area; all apart of an attempt to cause the TDF (Terrestrial Defense Forces) into unconditional surrender.

With Dan Moroboshi's advice, the TDF are able to create a spray device that makes the spaceships visible. Leading Dan to become his true form of Ultraseven, to rescue the human prisoners and defeat the alien in the process, by loping off the top-portion of his head with his Eye Slugger weapon.

Cool Seijin can emit a paralyzing gas from his tail, and his character subtitle is Space Hunter. In the Turner Network Television dubbed version, his name was Emperor of Zundar.


Alien Waiell

First Appearance: Episode 2, The Green Fear AKA The Green Terror (October 8th, 1967)

TNT Title: Shrubs From Space

Height: 1.8-to-150 meters / Weight: 100 kg-to-13,000 tons

An alien plant covered with countless thorns, Waiell uses two extraterrestrial Tilsonite 808 rocks to disguised himself as Ishiguro, a crew member of Space Station V3 who has just returned to Earth. In the cover of night, Waiell reverts to his true form and begins attacking humans by sending blood-sucking tentacles down the streets. In turn, the victims become Waiell-type monsters themselves, and spread the vampire-like epidemic across the city.

When his Tilsonite 808 rocks are destroyed (revealing them to house alien machinery and the real Ishiguro within), Waiell's cover is blown, which then forces him to go through a gruesome transformation while on a train in the middle of a tunnel. He then takes on giant size and battles Ultraseven until he's cut straight in half by his Eye Slugger.

Alien Waiell's character subtitle is Plant Space-Person, and in the Turner Network Television dubbed version, he and his brethren were called Violim Shrubs.


Alien Pitt


Alien Godola

Alien Villa

Alien Pegassa

Alien Quraso

Alien Metron

Alien Chibull

Android Maiden "Zero-One"

First Appearance: Episode 9, The Android Zero Directive (November 26th, 1967)

TNT Title: Toys In Crisis

Height: 2 meters / Weight: 90 kg

Constructed by Chibull, this attractive female android is normally a mannequin, but can become a 'real' woman at her master's command. Can discharge jolts of electricity from her hands like a deadly joy buzzer, or from her finger tips like laser beams. And is powerful enough to overtake strongman Furuhashi of the Ultra Garrison team.

Her directive was to kill the meddlesome Dan Moroboshi / Ultraseven, but is destroyed herself when the alien superhero (at human height) shoots his Emerium Beam right into her forehead.

In the Turner Network Television dubbed version, she is comically named Android Barbie, most likely due to her blond hair and overall doll-like appearance.

Alien Icarus

Alien Wild

First Appearance: Episode 11, Fly to the Mountain of Evil (December 10th, 1967).

TNT Title: Captured in Living Color

Height: 2.2 meters / Weight: 150 kg

A gray fur covered humanoid (done with simplistic effects make-up and a fur suit), Alien Wild came to Earth to save his people, who are dying of old age, by using a camera that can entrap life forces on film, while leaving the victims' physical bodies in a deathly state. Alien Wild can fire a stun ray from his antenna, and uses mind-control, as he did on Ultra Garrison member Soga, in an attempt to recover his camera.

His bodyguard was the robotic Space Dragon Nurse, but could do little for his master when Alien Wild was shot dead and burst into flames by Soga, after regaining his mind. Alien Wild's character subtitle is Space Barbarian.


Alien Spell

Alien Ayros

First Appearance: Episode 13, The Man Come from V3 (December 24th, 1967)

TNT Title: Space Ace Reunion

Height: 30 meters / Weight: 13,000 tons

A rather unreasonable alien, who after breaching the orbital line of defense, crash-lands on Earth and takes Ultra Garrison members Furuhashi and Amagi hostage, demanding fuel in exchange for their release (but not before trying to steal fuel using two duplicates of the human captives).

Ayros can shoot white-fire balls from its mouth, and can spin at such a rapid speed that it effectively repels Ultraeven's Eye Slugger. His character subtitle is Space Bird-Person.

Furuhashi & Amagi Duplicates

First Appearance: Episode 13, The Man Come from V3 (December 24th, 1967)

TNT Title: Space Ace Reunion

Artificially created duplicates / clones of the two captured Ultra Garrison members created by Ayros in an attempt to infiltrate the TDF base for fuel. When their true nature is discovered, the two duplicates are destroyed, while the real Furuhashi and Amagi are later freed from Ayros's spaceship.

King Joe

Alien Pedan



First Appearance: Episode 17, Underground Go! Go! Go! (January 28th, 1968)

TNT Title: Cave In!

Height: 2.8 meters / Weight: 2 tons

A mysterious race of robots who dwell in a ultra-modern underground city, of whom the Ultra Garrison accidentally stumbled upon, during a rescue operation with their burrowing vehicle, the Magmariser. The U-Toms' right arm is a strong beam gun, while their left arm is a hammer-like device. And speak in a fast-paced twitter. Each individual are marked with different insignias upon their chest area (Tsuburaya Productions' attempt to create the illusion that there were many U-Toms, using only the one suit).

Although the exact origin and purpose of the U-Tom is never revealed, they prove to be hostile against the intruding humans. And thus the Ultra Garrison plant explosives to cause a cave-in, and forever entombed both the robots and their amazing city.

The U-Toms' character subtitle is Underground Robot, and an alternative version of their name is Yuhtom.

Alien Bell


First Appearance: Episode 18, Escape Space X (February 2nd, 1968)

TNT Title: The Bells Are Ringing

Height: 3 meters / Weight: 20 kg

An oversized, spider-like creature created by Alien Bell that lives in a quasi-space / dimension of the episode's title. Hides in the grass and stuns victims by spraying them with a blue gas, from what appears to be three nostrils above its mouth. Gumonga was done as a large marionette (similar to the one used for another fictional Japanese arachnid, Kumonga from Son of Godzilla), and his character subtitle is Space-Spider.

The Space Planets & Ticks Of The False Space

Alien Bado

Alien Shaplay



Alien Mimy

Alien Buraco


Alien Shadow

Alien Cannan


Alien Poll

Starbem Gyeron

Alien Borg


Alien Kill

Alien Prote

Alien Platic






Alien Uley




Alien Zamppa

Alien Pega

Alien Magellan Maya

Alien Banda


Alien Guts





Alien Tepeto




Robot Commander

Alien Goron


Alien Perolynga

The Imit-Ultraseven

Alien Salome

Alien Hook



Alien Ghose

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