J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League

J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League (Just Undeniably Some of The Illest Composers Ever) consists of members Rook, Colione, and Kenny "Barto" Bartolomei.

The group is a Grammy winning group of hip hop music producers from Tampa, FL that has been lately producing for T.I., Young Buck, Young Jeezy, Toni Braxton, Mary J. Blige, Rick Ross and many other artists.

Production credits


13. "Don't Get Caught"

01. "No One Will Do"

02. "Rumble Young Man Rumble"


09. "Riot Pump"

03. "Can't Break Me" featuring Buddy Guy

03. "U Told Me"
07. "Butterfly"

10. "Bury Me a G"

00. "We Jook"

00. "Baby"

00. "100 Percent Real N*gga"

00. "I Look Good"

06. "Just A Feelin' (ft. Majik Most)"


00. "It's OK"

14. "Fallin"
18. "City Boy"
19. "Good for Each Other" (Japan Bonus Track)

03. "Buss Yo Head"

00. "Do It Myself"

00. "Addicted To Money"


01. "Intro"
02. "Death Before Dishonor"
03. "She Got It" (featuring T-Pain & Tay Dizm)
05. "Gettin' Money Mane"
06. "Let's Ride"
07. "Flex 2008"
08. "Eyes Closed" (featuring Young Jeezy)
10. "You Know Me" (featuring Ray J)
11. "We Run It" (featuring Slick Pulla & Blood Raw)
13. "That's My Word" (featuring Trey Songz)

00. "Blinded"
00. "The Way I Live" (featuring Sean Kingston)

00. "I Hustle" (featuring Young Jeezy)

04. "We Iz"

09. "Get Away"

  • Certified

00. "Turn Off The Lights" (featuring Pleasure P)

  • Dave Young

00. "Drinking, Smoking" (featuring 50 Cent)

01. "Intro"
11. "Maybach Music" (featuring Jay-Z)
12. "Billionaire"
13. "Luxury Tax" (featuring Lil Wayne, Trick Daddy and Young Jeezy)

14. "Karma"

00. "The Flyest"

00. "Rock Song"

11. "Word Play"
20. "Done It All" (Bonus Track)



  • Billboard - R&B hip-hop album of the year: "The Breakthrough," Mary J. Blige
  • Grammy - Best R&B album "The Breakthrough," Mary J. Blige

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