A Gruesome Twosome

A Gruesome Twosome is a Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies cartoon released on June 9, 1945. it stars Tweety, and two cats.


The cartoon opens up with two cats (a couple) talking/singing in meows. Then we see a red cat (a caricature of Jimmy Durante) who hits a yellow cat talking to the female cat with a frying pan. Then the red cat tries to get the girl to kiss him. As he tries to kiss her, out of nowhere an insane dog (who admits that he "[doesn't] actually belong in this picture") pops up and kisses the female cat, prompting the Durante cat exclaims that "everybody wants to get into the act". The female tells them whoever can bring her a bird can be her "fella". Then the red cat uses numerous tricks to stop the yellow cat. Then we see the cats climbing up the pole. Tweety states his usual catchphrase "I tawt I taw a putty tat" followed by "I tawt I taw ANOTHER putty tat". Then both cats realize that the other one is up with them and they fight and Tweety hits them with a mallet causing them to fall off the pole; then Tweety states "Aw, the poor puddy tat! they fall down and go BOOM!" and smiles. Then the red cat wakes up and so does the yellow but the yellow gets hit by a frying pan again. Then the cats fight again and the red cat realizes that they must use strategy. Then the red cat comes up with a plan. We then see them in a horse costume and the red cat states that he is the head. Then Tweety pops out of the tail and grabs a bee. As he slaps it he puts it in the horse costume and hits the costume and the cats get stung and crash into a tree. Then the red cat comes up with another plan. But then Tweety lures a dog to attack the cats by grabbing its bone and putting it into the cat's costume and the cat's get attacked; then Tweety says "You know I get wid of more putty tats that way!" then does the Durante "hot cha cha cha" as the film irises out.

This is the last Tweety film directed by Clampett, and the last one before he is permanently paired with Sylvester the Cat.


  • Ren and Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi combined the two cats in this short to create Stimpy the Jimmy Durante cat's coloring and nose and the stupid one's girth and personality.


Most tv prints including abc, cbs, and the wb cut the scene where the Durante cat shoots the stupid cat at point blank range in the head causing his fur to fly off and falling off the fence with x's in his eyes,(he's okay seconds later).

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