The Two Hundredth

"The Two-Hundredth" is the eighth episode in season 9 of American sitcom Frasier.

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Frasier is celebrating two thousand editions of his show at KACL, with a guest appearance from Bill Gates, who ends up taking several calls about Microsoft products. Returning home afterwards, Frasier opens a cupboard in his bedroom which is revealed to be full of cassette tapes, all containing recordings of his shows. Just after adding the two thousandth edition to his collection, he notices that one of the other cases is upside down, and on closer examination, finds that it contains a Hall & Oates tape. He calls in Niles, Martin and Daphne to find out who is responsible. Daphne confesses that she borrowed the tape and accidentally broke it. This prompts Frasier to broadcast an appeal to anyone who has a recording of the missing show. Niles becomes worried how the incomplete nature of his brother's collection is affecting him; staying in, sleeping late, not dressing. Frasier insists that he is quirky rather than obsessed, but when someone calls KACL and announces that they have the tape he seeks, he and Niles discover what obsession really is.

Episode Title Cards

  • It's a fancy way to say “favor”
  • The lost weekend

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