Jake (Tweenie)

Jake is a character from BBC and CBeebies programme The Tweenies. His first appearance was in the 1998 pilot Tweenie Band. He was acted by first Samantha Dodd, and then Esther Collins. His voice is provided by Justin Fletcher, who stars in another CBeebies programme, Tikkabilla.


Jake is orange with a tall blond mohaican. He wears a dark blue t-shirt with yellow circles, blue shorts. He has yellow stockings and blue boots with the Tweenies logo on.


Jake is the youngest Tweenie (2 3/4) and sometimes shows signs of being homesick. He cries often and has weird imaginations. In the clip show Sleeping, he is sent to bed for having a tantrum and sulks in his room, while reminiscing about the episodes Leaky Beanbag and Prickly Fizz. He often gets words mixed up.


Jake's best friend is Milo, and the two play football together. Jake's favourite colour is green. Like many young boys, he likes fast motor cars, dragons, and adventures.


Jake is dubbed by different actors in the Tweenies foreign versions:


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