Tutelo is a name classification referring to Indians who historically resided from the eastern edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia down to the valleys of the Mayo and Dan Rivers in North Carolina. They were mentioned by John Smith of Jamestown under the names "Monacan" and "Mannahoac" as living on the upper James River and Rappahannock River. They originally spoke a language of the Siouan language family.

In the 1740s, remnants of the Saponi, Tutelo, and Occaneechi Indians sought the protection of the Iroquois Confederacy. Collectively known as the Tutelo, they settled among the Cayuga in 1753. Their village of "Coreorgonel" was located near present-day Ithaca, New York and Buttermilk Falls State Park. There they lived under the protected of the Cayuga until Coreorgonel, along with many other Iroquois towns, was destroyed during the Sullivan Expedition of 1779.

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