Turner, John Napier

Turner, John Napier

Turner, John Napier, 1929-, Canadian prime minister (1984). Born in England, he emigrated to Ontario with his Canadian-born mother in 1932. Trained as a lawyer, he entered the House of Commons as a Liberal in 1962. He subsequently served as head of several ministries, notably as minister of justice (1968-72) and minister of finance (1972-75). Upon the resignation of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau in 1984, he became leader of the Liberal party. He became prime minister on June 30 and dissolved Parliament shortly thereafter. In the September elections the Liberal party was soundly defeated. Turner remained Liberal party leader until 1990.
The word Napier is a surname in the English language, deriving from the Scottish Clan Napier. It is part of the name of many notable persons and places, some of which are listed below.


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