Tuna salad

Tuna salad

Tuna salad is a blend of typically three main ingredients: tuna, eggs, and some form of mayonnaise or mayonnaise-substitute, such as mustard. The tuna used is usually pre-cooked, canned, and preserved with water or oil. It is common to place the spread between two slices of bread thus making a tuna salad sandwich.

Quick homemade tuna salad is often made by omitting the eggs and adding dill salad cubes or relish. The reason for the change is that the eggs must be cooked whereas the other ingredients are purchased ready to eat. This version grows out of tuna sandwich recipes that call for mixing tuna and mayonnaise before spreading it on bread.

Commercially prepared tuna salad is readily available in the meat or deli section of most grocery stores. The quality of the tuna salad can often be judged by the amount of mayonnaise. Inexpensive varieties contain a lot of mayonnaise and finely chopped ingredients. More expensive varieties have much less mayonnaise and chunkier ingredients. Hand made fresh tuna salad is usually available in most delis.

Tuna is also often served as a filling between two crackers, or as a side dish to a meal (often at a picnic). In the United States, tuna salad is also used to stuff fresh tomatoes as a luncheon dish. Many farmers in Australia were supplied with large quantities of tuna in 1984 during the Tropic of Cancer drought as part of a food scheme. As a result, tuna began to be referred to as 'drought breaker' in many parts of Far North Queensland on Australia's East Coast.

In Japan, tuna salad is often referred to as シーチキン (sea chicken), especially on onigiri , but this is actually a brand name of canned tuna produced by Hagoromo Foods.


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