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Hong Kong order of precedence

The Hong Kong order of precedence is a nominal and symbolic hierarchy of important positions within the Government of Hong Kong. Administered by the government's Protocol Division, the hierarchy does not determine the order of succession for the office of Chief Executive, which is instead specified by the Basic Law of Hong Kong.

As a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong maintains autonomy on all affairs other than defence and foreign relations. Reflecting that status, the order of precedence does not include state and party leaders of the Central People's Government. Government officials from mainland China are generally treated as special guests when attending Hong Kong government functions.

Hong Kong order of precedence

  1. Chief Executive (Donald Tsang, GBM, KBE, JP)
  2. Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal (Andrew Li, CBE)
  3. Chief Secretary for Administration (Henry Tang, GBS, JP)
  4. Financial Secretary (John Tsang, JP)
  5. Secretary for Justice (Wong Yan Lung, SC, JP)
  6. Members of the Executive Council and President of the Legislative Council:
  7. Other principal officials:
  8. Other members of the Court of Final Appeal and Chief Judge of the High Court:
  9. Other members of the Legislative Council
  10. Consuls-General
  11. Religious leaders:
  12. Recipients of the Grand Bauhinia Medal
  13. Heads of universities
  14. Other members of the High Court:
  15. Public commissioners:
  16. Consuls-in-charge and honorary consuls
  17. Permanent Secretaries, Officials of Directorate Grade 6 Rank and above
  18. Judges of the District Court
  19. District Council Chairmen
  20. Recipients of the Gold Bauhinia Star
  21. Justices of the Peace
  22. District Council Vice Chairmen and other members of the District Council

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