tsushima current


Tsushima may refer to:

  • Tsushima, Nagasaki, a city in Nagasaki Prefecture (coterminous with Tsushima Island)
  • Tsushima Basin, also known as Ulleung Basin, located at the juncture of the Sea of Japan and the Korea Strait
  • Tsushima Island, part of Nagasaki Prefecture
  • Tsushima Province, a historical province, coterminous with modern Tsushina Subprefecture
  • Tsushima Subprefecture, an administrative subdivision of Nagasaki prefecture (coterminous with Tsushima Island)
  • Tsushima Fuchū Domain, a feudal domain of the early modern period, largely if not entirely contiguous with the Province
  • Tsushima Strait, the eastern channel of the Korea Strait
  • Tsushima, Aichi, a city in Aichi Prefecture
  • Tsushima, Ehime, a town dissolved in August 2005, formerly located in Ehime Prefecture
  • Tsushima Shrine, located in the city of Mitoyo, Kagawa Prefecture and is only accessible one day a year in early August.
  • Battle of Tsushima (1905), also known as the "Sea of Japan Naval Battle", the last sea battle of the Russo-Japanese War
  • Tsushima Current, a branch of the Kuroshio Current into the Sea of Japan
  • Tsushima horse or Tsushima pony, a breed of Japanese horses
  • Tsushima Maru, a civilian ship sunk by American naval forces during World War II


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