Tsushima, Shuji: see Dazai, Osamu.
Tsushima, two Japanese islands in Korea Strait. The islands are rocky, and fishing is the main occupation. Nearby, in May, 1905, occurred the major naval battle of the Russo-Japanese War. The Russian Baltic fleet, under command of Admiral Rozhdestvenski, suffered nearly total disaster in its encounter with the Japanese fleet under Count Togo. Only a few of the Russian ships escaped to neutral ports or reached their destination (Vladivostok); the majority were sunk or captured. It was in this battle that naval radio was first used (by Count Togo). The defeat convinced Russia that further struggle was hopeless, and in August a treaty of peace was signed at Portsmouth, N.H.
Shuji, Tsushima: see Dazai, Osamu.
Tsushima may refer to:

  • Tsushima, Nagasaki, a city in Nagasaki Prefecture (coterminous with Tsushima Island)
  • Tsushima Basin, also known as Ulleung Basin, located at the juncture of the Sea of Japan and the Korea Strait
  • Tsushima Island, part of Nagasaki Prefecture
  • Tsushima Province, a historical province, coterminous with modern Tsushina Subprefecture
  • Tsushima Subprefecture, an administrative subdivision of Nagasaki prefecture (coterminous with Tsushima Island)
  • Tsushima Fuchū Domain, a feudal domain of the early modern period, largely if not entirely contiguous with the Province
  • Tsushima Strait, the eastern channel of the Korea Strait
  • Tsushima, Aichi, a city in Aichi Prefecture
  • Tsushima, Ehime, a town dissolved in August 2005, formerly located in Ehime Prefecture
  • Tsushima Shrine, located in the city of Mitoyo, Kagawa Prefecture and is only accessible one day a year in early August.
  • Battle of Tsushima (1905), also known as the "Sea of Japan Naval Battle", the last sea battle of the Russo-Japanese War
  • Tsushima Current, a branch of the Kuroshio Current into the Sea of Japan
  • Tsushima horse or Tsushima pony, a breed of Japanese horses
  • Tsushima Maru, a civilian ship sunk by American naval forces during World War II


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