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Tsuruga, city (1990 pop. 68,041), Fukui prefecture, central Honshu, Japan, a port on the Sea of Japan. It was long a center for commerce with Korea. Among the city's principal products are rayon, cement, and chemicals.
is a city located in southern Fukui Prefecture, Japan.


One of city of Wakasa Area, present southern Fukui Prececture. Municipalized on April 1, 1937.

Tsuruga is well known for fresh quality seafood and a nuclear power plant. Tsuruga is home to both the Monju demonstration nuclear plant and the Tsuruga Nuclear Power Plant.


Facing to Wakasa Bay, about 55 km south from Fukui, 80 km east from Maizuru, 97 km northeast from Kyoto, 140 km northeast from Osaka, 52 km north from Maibara, 115 km northwest from Nagoya.

Among cities lies on the Japan Sea, Tsuruga is the most nearest city from the Pacific Ocean. The distance between Tsuruga and Nagoya is only 115 km. Tsuruga and Nagoya are historically close to Shiga Prefecture and Kyoto.


Well-known Japanese DJ Chikashi Nishiwaki also founded his eclectic club, Tree, here. The club has been host to many national and international celebrity guests such as Jazztronik, Gilles Peterson, Toshio Matsuura from UFO, DJs Ravi, Julien Love and Two Dee, and Soil and Pimp Sessions. He has also mixed music with Tyronne Noonan, former frontman of George.

About twenty or so bronze statues - each perhaps four or five feet tall - of characters and scenes from the popular 1970s anime Uchū Senkan Yamato (Space Battleship Yamato or, in the United States, Star Blazers) and Galaxy Express 999 were erected in the city's downtown area in 1999. Though the creator of these shows, Leiji Matsumoto, was born elsewhere, an exhibit of his artwork was held in the city in 1999 as part of the city's 100th anniversary celebration, accompanied by the erection of the statues.



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