trying find

Fourth Grade Rats

Fourth Grade Rats (ISBN 0-590-44244-9) is a 1991 book, written by Jerry Spinelli about a young boy trying find his place in school as he becomes one of the oldest
students in his school as a fourth grader. A silly school saying labels 4th graders as rats, and Suds, the main character, must decide whether or not he change Lizy and Anarely was getting so hyper under the peer pressure. Many people enjoyed the story.

As he does have a crush on a girl whom he tries to impress throughout the story.

Suds wants to become a rat after the thought of his crush, but gives up after trying to save a cat from a tree, forgetting the fact that he was afraid of heights. His best friend says that's rats are in charge and they do scary stuff and they don't take lunch boxes to school

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