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La Gusana Ciega

La Gusana Ciega is a Mexican rock/pop/alternative band formed by Daniel Gutiérrez (voice and guitar), Jorge Vilchis (guitar), Germán Arroyo (drums) and Luis Ernesto Martínez "Lu" (bass).


The band's origin goes back to the early 90's when the original trio formed by Daniel, Germán and Manuel Levya (bass) started to get a good place in the underground rock scene in Mexico City. After several years of playing in bars and small clubs around the city, they went into the studio for their first time in 1996 to record their debut album Merlina, which got good acceptace from the audience. They recruited Jorge (ex-member of Guillotina) as a 2nd guitar player the next year, with whom they obtained a more characteristic and own sound that got reflected in their second studio effort Superbee. By 1998 they were about to consolidate themselves as one of Mexico's main indie rock acts and opened Oasis' concerts in Mexico City. They travelled to the US in 1999 to record what became their third album Correspondencia Interna.

During year 2000, after having toured all over Mexico and some cities in the US they decided to release an album that reflected the greatness of what they knew better: playing live. Their homonimous live record lagusanaciega got released this way. The following year they decided to try luck recording some songs in English included in the EP entitled Edición Limitada (being one of these songs, Sunday Fever, included in the latinamerican eidition of American Pie's soundtrack). Despite of their pretty good popularity, they broke up suddenly in May 2002.

During the following three years, the different band members (except Manuel) kept on working in other music projects; Daniel in Cosmonova, Germán and Jorge in Pardo VanDaik. In the early 2005 their live reunion was announced (with Lu, Cosmonova's bass player taking place after Manuel left the band) after which they released a best-of collection, together with a DVD that contained all of the band's music videos, entitled Super Especial. After playing some shows they decided to record once again, and they headed into the studio in early 2006 to return with La Rueda del Diablo, their fourth LP.


Their discography includes four LPs, one live album, one EP and a best-of collection.

  • Merlina (1996)
  • Superbee (1997)
  • Correspondencia Interna (1999)
  • lagusanaciega (2000) live
  • Edición Limitada (2001) EP
  • Super Especial (2005) best-of
  • La Rueda del Diablo (2006)

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