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Michael Ricketts (musician)

Michael David Ricketts (born January 21, 1965 in College Park, Maryland) is an American rock musician, and songwriter. Prior to his solo project, he was co-founder and lead guitarist of the rock band Snydly Crunch. Snydly Crunch performed with artists such as Pat Travers Band, Kix, and Mitch Allan with Honor Among Thieves on several occasions.

With the help of local producer and engineer Ray Tilkins, Snydly Crunch recorded the independent LP Revealed, released on SMARK Records on which Ricketts was co-writer and performed on guitars, keyboards, and backing vocals.

Band members

Snydly Crunch members

  • Michael Spelta - lead vocals, keyboards (1985-1990)
  • Sean Patrick Mitchell - lead vocals (1991-1994)
  • Andrew Faile - lead & rhythm guitars (1985-1994)
  • Michael Ricketts - lead & rhythm guitars, keyboards, vocals (1985-1994)
  • Steve Toth - drums, percussion (1985-1989)
  • Karl Seiler - drums, percussion (1990-1994)

Session musicians


Snydly Crunch

  • Cue Sessions (1986)
    • Produced and Mixed by Jim Ebert
    • Forgotten One
    • Strike a Balance
    • Vicious Obsession
    • The Return
    • Say Yes
    • Fortitude
  • 97 Underground Compilation (1987)
    • Produced by Derek Alan for PCA
    • Hell's Gates - Artist Wrathchild with Shannon Larkin (now in Godsmack), and Brad Divens
    • Then Comes The Night - Artist Snydly Crunch
    • Burn The Sky - Artist Mystic Force
    • Bad Attitude - Artist Shock Wave
    • Nightmares - Artist Mona Lisa
    • Found On The Highway Dead - Artist Chapelz
    • Hot Seat - Artist Child's Play with John Allen (now in SR-71_%28band%29)
    • Scarlet Angel - Artist Scarlet Angel
  • Revealed (1993)
    • Produced by Ray Tilkens and Snydly Crunch
    • Cry Wolf
    • Tomorrows Promise
    • Dying To Survive
    • The River
    • Say Goodbye
    • Love In Vain
    • Spark Turns Into Flame
    • I Feel Love
    • Trusting Soul

Stage work

Performed lead guitar for a stage production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (DC, Summer 2003)


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