Trundle, New South Wales

Trundle is a small town in Parkes Shire in the Central West of New South Wales, Australia. It had a population of 379 in 2006, including 23 indigenous people (4.5%) and 23 foreign-born people (5%).

It lies in wheat-growing country and is on the Bogan Gate to Tottenham railway line, completed to Trundle in 1907.

The town is noted for its unusually wide main street. At 60 metres, it is one of the widest main streets in the country. It needed to be as wide as this to accommodate turning bullock-trains. The Trundle Hotel also claims the second longest hotel balcony in NSW at 94 yards (86 metres) (the longest belonging to Cobar).

Trundle is home to a pre-school, a Catholic primary school (St. Patricks) and a K-12 public school.

Health services are provided through the Trundle multi-purpose health centre (formerly the Trundle hospital).

The town also boasts a golf course with sand-oil greens, a 25 metre swimming pool, tennis courts, horse-racing facilities and a sporting oval named Berryman Park.

Since 2006, the town has hosted a B&S Ball annually.

In September, an annual festival called "Bush Tucker Day" occurs. The town's small population is usually increased 2 to 3 fold. The main event is a bush tucker cook off, where contestants strive to make the best tasting bush food. A panel of judges decides the winner. Other competitions during the day include damper throwing, billy boiling and there are also great bush stalls to browse through. Bush music is a major part of the day.


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